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Top 4 Catholic Voting Priorities: Principles Over Candidate Positions says American Life League

American Life League
Nov. 4, 2022

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., Nov. 4, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- For faithful Catholics, elections are not just a matter of civic duty, but one of spiritual obligation, according to the American Life League. Uniquely, the American Life League Catholic Voter Guidance does not instruct voters about who to support or even list candidate positions on hot-button issues. Rather, the downloadable Catholic Voter Guidance from American Life League urges Catholic citizens to cast their ballots in compliance with the doctrine and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

"This is not political -- it's spiritual," declared Hugh Brown, Vice President of the American Life League. "When it comes to voting, there are four non-negotiables: abortion, euthanasia, human embryonic stem cell research, and human cloning. These topics are so fundamental that no Catholic can advocate for or promote them and hope to remain faithful to the Church and to God."

Underscoring the doctrinal legitimacy of this approach, the American Life League Catholic Voter Guidance liberally quotes and references church teachings from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Evangelium Vitae, Veritatis Splendor, and Pontifical Academy for Life, among others.

Brown urges voters to take time to review a candidate's position, make an informed choice, and discern matters of conscience.

"Voting is a privilege," Brown added. "It is more than partisan activity."

"We live in a time of avoidance, fear, and malfeasance on the part of many in leadership positions within the Catholic Church," observed American Life League President Judie Brown. "A Catholic can never support evil, including abortion, euthanasia, human embryonic stem cell research, and human cloning are evil. American Life League stands firm that any Catholic politician who supports these acts has sold his soul in exchange for a seat at the table. Regardless of the political party, he or she clearly values the respect of humans before Christ."

The American Life League Catholic Voter Guidance cautions disenfranchised voters from taking the approach of choosing "the lesser of two evils."

"It is never okay for a Catholic to vote for evil," Hugh Brown emphasized. "If a candidate violates one of the four non-negotiables, it is better to vote for a third party or independent candidate who affirms life issues, or to abstain from casting a vote for that office."

View the American Life League Catholic Voter Guidance here and find a downloadable link to a print version here.

About American Life League
American Life League has been part of the pro-life abortion debate since its inception. Since 1979, American Life League has committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to death with a pro-life integrity that stands up for every innocent human being whose life is threatened by the culture of death. For more information visit all.org.

SOURCE American Life League

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