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CWA: Senate Leadership Fails President on Judges

Contact: Stacey Holliday, Concerned Women for America, 202-488-7000 ext. 126

WASHINGTON, Sept. 14 /Christian Newswire/ -- Concerned Women for America (CWA) rebuked Senate Leadership today for failing to move on four judicial nominees, William Myers, Randy Smith, Jim Haynes and Terrance Boyle, due to a “lack of a quorum.” The failure of Senators to attend this morning’s executive meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee let down these outstanding nominees, President Bush and the American people.

“A ‘lack of a quorum’ is inexcusable. At such a critical time in our nation’s history, one would think our elected representatives would show up and support qualified judges for America’s courts,” said Jan LaRue, CWA’s Chief Counsel.  “It is disappointing that Chairman Specter allowed this to happen.

“If Osama bin Laden watched the Republicans’ efforts to win the war over judges and equated it with their commitment to win the real war, he’d swap his cave for a condo in Kabul or Karachi and start broadcasting live from his sundeck. 

“Those who won’t stand up to empty suits can’t expect to be taken seriously by a maniacal Jihadist who would use a real ‘nuclear option’ if he had it.

“Senate leadership can’t expect Americans to take them seriously when they talk tough about winning a war but don’t stand up to political bullies. A major factor in winning that war requires confirming judges that won’t wrap the Constitution around foreign enemies who intend to bury it with us.”

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Concerned Women for America is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.