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Ancient Prophesy: Modern Wars, Can Armageddon Be Far?

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ENUMCLAW, Wash., May 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- Today's news headlines rivet our attention toward Iraq -- the birthplace of Mesopotamia, site of the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, ancient Nineveh, Babylon, and site of the patriarch Abraham's native city, Ur. From the dawn of civilization until now the geographical territory we call the Middle East has been the subject of apocalyptic prophesies and the volatile setting of frequent wars. Why?


End Times researcher, teacher, and new author Doug McGee takes us back to the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 38 and 39, sharing fresh insights on the Last Days and equipping readers with "need-to-know" information for our times. Scripture seems clear that the sibling rivalry that began with Isaac and Ishmael and continues in the centuries-long Arab/Israeli conflict will culminate in the end of life as we know it on planet earth and the dawn of The New Millennium.


"In actuality, there are going to be two great wars at the end of the age," says McGee, "--one that will start the seven-year Tribulation period and a greater war yet that will involve all the nations that are left on this earth who join with the Antichrist to fight against God."


McGee calls the first of these great wars "Fake Armageddon" because, while it engages all Islam in an attack against Israel (under the as-yet unidentifiable leader, "Gog"). Yet, says the author, it will pale in comparison to the global, world-ending conflict: Revelation's final battle of good against evil on the plains of Megiddo in Northern Israel, Armageddon.


"The last battle in the first great war will end in a transforming event for the Church as the Presence of God appears in the clouds to take His own out of this earth and home to heaven," explains McGee. "My book is designed to wake people up and to prepare them for what is surely coming," he warns. His message to readers is clear, he warns them that time is running out and Eternity is coming, and asks them if they are ready.


End Times students can find McGee's groundbreaking "Fake Armageddon and the Coming Antichrist" at pleasantword.com, christianbooks.com, amazon.com, or bn.com.


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