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Miracles of Faith

Contact: David K. Sumrel, 757-305-3550

MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 14 /Christian Newswire/ -- Imagine being told you have melanoma cancer throughout your body, and in your brain. The doctors from Duke Medical Center tell you there is nothing they can do for you, because even experimental chemotherapy will not kill the cancer in the brain. To most people this would be devastating; however when David Sumrell was given the news, he looked up and said "Thank You Lord, now You and I can work this out together."

David had been all over the world helping others, and while in Africa in 2003, he discovered he couldn't see his face when he shut his right eye. After being sent to the eye doctor, the diagnosis was he had a melanoma tumor in his eye. David had a radioactive plaque attached for five days to his eye at Duke Medical, with the prognosis being the tumor would be killed without removing the eye.

While recovering from the surgery, David noticed a place on the right side of his head, and just beneath his ear, like a piece of sand. During his next examination he pointed it out to the doctors. He went into emergency surgery immediately and the biopsy was diagnosed as melanoma cancer in the lymphnode system. After many tests were run, David's only hope was aggressive chemotherapy.

He was sent back to Duke, only to be told by the leading cancer doctors in the world there was nothing that could be done for him. While he and his sister were driving back to Virginia, David started thanking the Lord for all the Blessings He had bestowed upon him throughout his life. He thanked the Lord for allowing him an opportunity to see his children grow up.

David told the Lord if it was His will for him to die, then he was ready for His will to be done; however if the Lord would give him the opportunity, then David would write three books in His honor.

Three Swords of One Light / Seven Miracles of Faith, will be out in November 2006. David has no cancer anywhere in his body, almost 18 months after he was supposed to be dead. His third book is about his Faith and the many miracles he has been blessed with. David has completed his promise to the Lord. What has happened to him is being called a miracle, even by his doctors. With Faith, Miracles do happen.