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Christian Health Care Provider Dr. Kip Johnson Develops Thinergetics

An Innovative Diet Program That Is Effective and Healthy


Christian Health Care Provider Dr. Kip Johnson Develops the Matrix of Weight Loss And Discovers 64 Elements That Effect Health and Weight. Introducing Thinergetics, A Natural & Healthy Weight Loss Program That Includes Biblical Based Devotions From Faith Leader Dr. Chuck Swindoll.


Contact: Rhonda Boudreaux, 510-236-2668, Rdboudreaux1@aol.com


YORBA LINDA, Calif., May 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- Quick solution weight loss is a quest that millions of people go on or wish for every day. The weight loss products industry has perpetuated this myth by marketing products based on the hope and desperation of the consumer rather than on sound science and research. This cycle has created thousands of over-simplified products based on the Pills, Patches, Points and Protein mentality. The few existing programs that do have merit are using a one-size-fits-all nutritional approach. As humans, we do not all respond the same way to food or have the same nutritional requirements. Therefore, we each need a program that can be tailored to our specific needs. Introducing Thinergetics. Thinergetics, The Truth About Weight Loss provides the tools and ongoing support needed to enjoy healthy, sustainable weight loss on an individual basis.


Dr. Kip Johnson, a Medical Doctor for over 30 years, has personally seen tens of thousands of patients whose health was severely compromised as a direct result of being overweight or obese. Fifteen years ago he became totally committed to the Preventive side of Medicine and began studying worldwide research and compiling the important research data concerning weight loss and obesity. His extensive background gave him the clear understanding that our bodies work on an individualized basis. Therefore, each individual needs a weight management plan that takes into account his or her own, unique “Matrix” of factors. Each person has his or her own Metabolic Profile. Dr. Johnson’s extensive research led him to identify 64 major elements that make up this Matrix relating to weight management. He then grouped these 64 elements into 7 coachable and simple components that consumers can use and apply at their own pace. As a result, Dr. Johnson creates Thinergetics, a medically sound program that provides the tools and support necessary for the consumer to lose weight and keep it off. Unlike the one-dimensional or over-simplified diet programs, Thinergetics is not focused on Pills, Patches, Points or Protein, but rather the needs, habits and tendencies of each, individual person.


In today’s fast paced world it was also important to Dr. Johnson to incorporate in his program encouragement to empower with answers, real answers, to real questions from a biblical perspective. From one of the most respected Faith Leaders in the world, Dr. Chuck Swindoll, comes Fit To Serve, devotions to not only help you achieve your weight loss goals but to find balance in every area of your life. These Biblical based devotions, written specifically for the Thinergetics program by Dr. Chuck Swindoll, are about much more than just weight loss. The Fit To Serve Program is designed to be done on your own, with a friend or in a small group setting. Thinergetics, Weight Loss Tools For Life…


“It is clear that we don’t all respond to food the same way just because we are all human. Then why do most diet programs recommend the same program for everyone? Thinergetics works because it is designed for each individual and takes so many factors related to weight management into account. Thinergetics is not a diet and yet you will learn how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, and even why to eat. You will be provided the tools and support to finally be able to break down or manage the barriers that have stopped you previously. Thinergetics is designed to be the most complete and useful program ever on the market in addressing the unique needs of each individual”, states Dr. Kip Johnson


Dr. Johnson believes that consumers are ready for a solution. He would like to encourage people to call Thinergetics and get started on a realistic weight loss plan that is designed specifically for each individual. Discover Thinergetics’ sustainable, healthier lifestyle program that is based on solid medical research at www.thinergetics.com or call 1-888- 49Truth.


About Dr. Kip Johnson:

Dr. Johnson was accepted to UCLA as an undergraduate with Honors At Entrance and after graduating with a degree in Zoology attended the UCLA School of Medicine where he received his M.D. degree. Doctor Johnson has now practiced medicine for more than 30 years. For the past nearly two decades he has focused on Preventative Medicine and has provided seminars locally, nationally and internationally on a variety of topics related to obtaining and preserving optimal health. His development of the Thinergetics program derived from his interest in Preventative Medicine and his observation of the worsening obesity problem -- now considered epidem