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Fast Growing USA.Life is the #1 Conservative Facebook Alternative
July 22, 2020

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 22, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- USA.Life is the popular Conservative Facebook alternative. This new social network is where "patriotic Americans unite." USA.Life hopes to have more than one million users by the end of the year. Over 100,000 people have already joined. "USA.Life helps all who love America connect, join groups, and share news," said CEO Steven Andrew. Individuals, families, news media, businesses, and churches can get a free account at USA.Life.

"Our freedom, rights, and nation are at stake, that is why Conservatives understand the urgency to save America," Andrew said. "It is exciting to see people sign up quickly for USA.Life and get connected.

"USA.Life is the #1 Conservative Facebook alternative and the #1 Pro-America community," said Andrew.

"Members freely exchange Conservative beliefs without the fear of being shadowbanned, or put in Facebook jail," said Andrew.

"People find hope on USA.Life during these difficult times," Andrew said.

USA.Life is a powerful way to meet Conservatives. "Patriotic users, families, President Trump supporters, Christians, and pro-lifers rally together for America," said Andrew.

Users give Like's and Love's as reactions on posts and the unique America Flag reaction for "Patriotic" is popular. Many other reactions for expressions are available.

Members enjoy politics, news, funny dogs and cats, recipes, travel, nature, and more, as they connect with those important to them.

People, businesses, and churches share photos, updates, videos, and messages, and join groups. Users from other countries join too.

There are positive USA.Life reviews and comments, including:

"I feel the peace here at USA.Life," Linda Eggleston said.

"Such a refreshing change from other social media." said Jacob McGrew.

"I... am so glad there's a viable alternative to Facebook..." Jeremy Cox said.

"Invited all my friends to come over," said Ron Schunk.

"I just love being able to go around and slap flags on everything," said Bonnie Moore.

"I want to meet good people and read encouraging posts." said Kimberlee Slavik.

Andrew said, "It's important to build your USA.Life friends early, so you benefit the most as this Conservative Facebook alternative expands to the next level."

"There are powerful auto-like, auto-friend, and auto-join links that businesses and individuals can share to build followers quickly."

To join, go to www.USA.Life.

About USA.Life
USA.Life is the fast growing #1 Conservative Facebook alternative. To connect with people, businesses, and churches get a free account at www.USA.Life.


CONTACT: Steven Andrew, 877-585-7729

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