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50 Years of Research Shows that Undesalinated Seawater has Saved Millions of People and Animals

April 10, 2024

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 10, 2024 /Christian Newswire/ -- It has also been used in agricultural irrigation in areas of drought and famine.

Progress is currently being made in the production of corn, coffee, tomato, papaya, and many more garden fruits that are gradually adapting to salinity, improving the quality of food in the process, thanks to the contribution of marine trace elements.

The conclusions of this research have been presented at the last five world seawater summits, convened by OMDIMAR AND SCIENCE.

This association, of Spanish origin, also proposes that seawater reach homes for multiple uses. To this end, it suggests the marine hydraulic engineering model created in Chile, initially for mining.

This advance in modern marine hydrology is an essential contribution to the water crisis that the planet is going through.

All these processes and partial research results were collected in the book "NOS QUEDABA EL MAR," a text that becomes the main reference for applications in preventive health, nutrition, and marine agricultural culture, in addition to being a concrete response to global warming.

We need the help of governments to expand the scope of action in the dissemination of the integral uses of seawater. The great effort that has been made to date to advance research and social application of the benefits of seawater has been thanks to a few people with great hearts, inspired by love of their neighbor, but there is still much to be done.

Our work is focused on training new generations in marine culture. We have called them research and observation seedbeds. This model is growing in many countries, thanks to the contribution of charitable and visionary people, such as Carey Westberg-Quitter and Óscar Ignatius Delgado. Inspired by Christian Charity, they develop not only this type of projects in favor of humanity, but also catholic cinema. In fact, this year they have obtained first place in this category with the film produced by their company, Candelaria  Productions  INC about Saint Michael Meet The Ángel movie.

Those who want to join this humanitarian brigade, the future of the solution to many problems of all kinds that afflict humanity, are welcome.

Jorge Reynolds Pombo,
Director of the scientific committee of OMDIMAR AND SCIENCE
Phone (57) 3103897113

Laureano Alberto Domínguez Ruiz
President of OMDIMAR AND SCIENCE, author of the book NOS QUEDABA EL MAR
Phone (57) 3148020777

Oscar Ignatius Delgado, Carey Westberg Quitter
Administration Managers of Omdimar and Ciencia.