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Morality in Media President Applauds Advertisers For Pulling the Plug on Imus But Says Advertisers Should Also Pull Plug on Music Channels That Daily Pour Forth Swill That Makes Imus Look Tame

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NEW YORK, April 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- Morality in Media President Robert Peters had the following comments in response to the news that MSNBC has pulled the plug on the Don Imus Show, in part because a flood of advertisers pulled their ads from the program:

"I have only watched MTV once and that was several years ago in preparation for a TV interview about MTV. What shocked me almost as much as the anti-social behavior exhibited in the 'music videos' were the mainstream advertisers that made the programming possible.

"Companies that pulled ads from the Don Imus Show are to be commended, but companies should also pull ads from music channels that daily pour forth a cultural swill that makes the Don Imus insult look tame by comparison.

"The outrage directed at Imus is more than justified, but it will prove to be largely a hollow victory if corporate America continues to give rappers who degrade women, glamorize criminal and other anti-social behavior and promote racial stereotypes a high-profit, high-profile national platform to corrupt the minds and hearts of children and to pollute mainstream culture.

"Along with the news today about the Don Imus Show is the news that rape and other charges against three Duke lacrosse players have been dropped because, in the words of the North Carolina Attorney General, 'There is insufficient evidence to proceed on any of the charges.'

"Even assuming that no criminal behavior occurred, it would appear that some very 'unseemly' behavior did occur. Perhaps the explanation is simple – namely, racism. But I would point my finger in a different direction – namely, a popular culture that has made stripping and trash talk 'acceptable' not only among many adults but also among many of our nation's youth."