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Double the Victory: Twins Give Up New Age Movement for Jesus

Contact: Abigail Davidson, 360-802-9758, Publicist, WinePress Group, abigail@winepressgroup.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- Sandra Major and Louise Padia are identical twins on the same mission. Saved out of the New Age movement, they were heavily involved in the occult. The women traveled the country sharing their beliefs, and had even written a manuscript to help others "become enlightened." In 1982 Louise submitted her life to Jesus Christ, and Sandra was not far behind. "We did not realize at the time that we were in for the greatest adventure of our lives," they say.

At first they were not experiencing victorious Christian living, but as they read the Word they saw it was possible to live in victory. "While we knew it was available to us, it took time to learn how to have the victory in every area of our lives," the twins say. Their vision now is to share with others the freedom they can experience in Christ.

To spread the word about what they have learned in the 24 years since they came to know Christ, Sandra and Louise have written a book titled "Walking on High Places". Practical examples liberally sprinkled throughout the book make the twin's teaching sparkle. Examples such as:

·         Sandra learned that nothing is impossible with God after she was offered a larger apartment for the same amount of rent.


·         Louise in Bible school asked God for a needed textbook she didn't have money for, and one of her teachers bought it for her saying, "The Spirit of God told me to give you this."


·         Sandra and Louise were flying to Alaska to minister when they were held up in Salt Lake City due to hurricane-force winds in Alaska. As they took authority over the situation, quoted Scripture to each other, prayed and refused to accept the circumstances, the Alaska airport opened for one flight—theirs.


·         Sandra, faced with an inoperable brain tumor, treated the tumor as a trespasser. She prayed, meditated on healing Scriptures, spoke only words of faith about the situation, believed God and commanded the tumor to leave her body. The tumor got progressively smaller and the final MRI showed the "trespasser" had left her body.

Sandra and Louise speak nationwide through the ministry they founded, Double Portion Ministries.

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