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From Original Soul Train Dancer to Catholic Bishop
Bishop Johnny Cash
July 21, 2022

CHICAGO, July 21, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- Bishop Johnny Cash announced today that, "I am going on an international speaking tour to teach the masses how to invoke angelic protection and assistance. The people have a right to the knowledge that has been concealed from them about this area of life. Who has concealed it is of no consequence, but it is now time that it be revealed." Johnny Cash retired from the ministry 25 years ago, but says he has recently received, "a divine mandate."

Hailing from entertainment royalty, being the baby brother to the late, Bernadette Cash, first woman president of a record label in American history: La Cade Records in 1973, as well as being an original Soul Train dancer and a member of the Motown family in the early 80s, Johnny Cash is duly equipped to perform when the Supreme Being says, "Show Time!"

E.W. from New York had this to say: "I think that is great! People need to know what to do." E.B. from Florida had this to say: "I love it! So many people are suffering." K.C. from Texas had this to say: "My resources are at your disposal to get the job done. Somebody has to do it!"

"I recently received powerful angelic assistance after singing a song that saved my life. I am sharing this testimony around the world! Every person on this planet can get tremendous amounts of angelic assistance for protection, for any issue, cause, service, or product. There is even a specific angel that will save you money in these hard economic times. So, angels are here primarily to meet the practical needs of humanity. They just have to be taught the simple steps to take...and then take them," according to Johnny Cash, who is also a presidential candidate for the 2024 election.

Johnny Cash is the author/publisher of the book, "Master Your Hand System I," has been an exorcist over 40-years and has spent 7-years as a Radio Reporter and Host. He is also a loving father of four children as a single parent.

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