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WingClips Exposes Darkside

WingClips.com, a site that offers inspirational movie clips for sermons, is shedding light on some very dark social issues.

Contact: Mitch Irion, WingClips.com, 949-489-0083

MEDIA ADVISORY, Apr. 9 /Christian Newswire/ -- Understanding the influential medium of film, WingClips is bringing awareness to social injustices by promoting films that address issues such as human trafficking, persecution and civil war in Africa, drug addiction and much more.

"Although the material in these films can be graphic, especially for the church, we feel it's the right place to connect serious issues with people who truly care and have the passion to make a difference," says WingClips President Mitch Irion.

Recently added on WingClips are two clips from the upcoming documentary Cargo: Innocence Lost, which releases on DVD on April 10th. This gripping film by Michael Cory Davis unveils the dark underworld of sex trafficking and explores how it has become a $9 billion dollar a year industry while remaining a shrouded crime in our nation. An alarming 27 million people are held in slavery worldwide, the majority being women and children for sexual purposes.

Human trafficking is the world's fastest growing form of criminal trafficking, already surpassing weapons. In fact, it's predicted that human trafficking will rise to the #1 form of trafficking in the world, exceeding drugs in the near future. Because, unlike weapons and drugs, human beings are seen as a commodity that can be sold and resold everyday, generating an ongoing profit for many years.

Although this crisis may appear only to exist overseas, American children are also at great risk – especially the estimated 1.7 million runaway and thrownaway children living within the U.S. every year. Because of their vulnerability, these children are easily forced, coerced, or brainwashed into prostitution by those who seek to sexually exploit them for financial gain.

"While there are a plethora of websites that perpetuate this problem, we want our site to raise awareness and do our part to help end sex trafficking," says Irion.

WingClips has also added the critically acclaimed Sundance winner, "God Grew Tired of Us," a film that follows three young men from Sudan to their lives in America. This film documents the lives of John, Daniel, and Panther in America and their struggle to support their families back home.

Additional such films on WingClips include titles from Voice of the Martyrs, which is devoted to the persecuted church, Tweaked, which focuses on the rise of methamphetamines among today's youth, and Mama Heidi, who has a ministry to orphaned children in Mozambique, as well as many more.

WingClips believes that the church has a responsibility to address these social injustices within our communities and across the world. These grave issues of exploitation need to be exposed, and Wingclips is providing the materials for public awareness.