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Immigration Debate A Test of Our Core Values

Contact: Chris Dreibelbis, 703-535-6897 ext.12, chris@reforminstitute.org


WASHINGTON, May 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- As Congress prepares to debate comprehensive immigration reform, The Reform Institute and We Care America today urged leaders to devise a balanced approach that secures our borders and recognizes the contributions that immigrants make to our economy and society. "We cannot afford any further delay in fixing our dysfunctional immigration system," said Reform Institute Executive Director Cecilia Martinez. "If Congress cannot agree on legislation by August, the next chance for reform will probably not come for another two years," added Ms. Martinez.


"This debate goes to the heart of what America is all about," stated Dr. Juan Hernandez, Reform Institute Senior Fellow and author of The New America Pioneers. "Two fundamental pillars of our society are our dedication to achieving prosperity through hard work and our devotion to the Judeo-Christian values of compassion, mercy and inclusion. Instead of backing away from these core beliefs and fencing ourselves in, we must renew this spirit through a sensible and effective immigration policy that provides a path to permanent legal status for immigrants who strengthen our economy and society."


"Americans have never been defined by where they are from, but on where they are headed," added Dr. Hernandez. "Our shared commitment to economic advancement through hard work unites us and has fueled our economic growth. Our inclusiveness has exposed us to new cultures that have enriched us all. We must celebrate and embrace these wonderful qualities that have made this nation so great and so revered throughout the rest of the world."


"We need bipartisan, comprehensive legislation now," affirmed Pam Pryor, Vice President of Government Affairs at We Care America. "Comprehensive immigration reform is the only approach that protects our borders and preserves our core values."


Dr. Juan Hernandez, Senior Fellow of the Reform Institute's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Initiative and a leading figure in the Latino evangelical community, is available to comment on immigration policy. His recent book, The New American Pioneers, is an authoritative look at the complex issues related to Mexican immigration.  He has been featured on NPR, ABC, CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC.


To arrange an interview with Dr. Hernandez, contact Chris Dreibelbis at 703-535-6897 x12 or chris@reforminstitute.org.


The Reform Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization. www.reforminstitute.org.

We Care America is a 501(c)(3) charity. www.wecareamerica.org.