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Families Aiding in Total Healing-Solving Together Every Problem

Contact: Cleo Glenn Johnson, 832-890-4130

HOUSTON, Texas, Aug. 6 /Christian Newswire/ -- We are faced with 22.6 million people in the United States who suffer from substance abuse disorders. Asking for help and finding treatment is essential to getting back to a healthy and fulfilling, life through recovery. In celebration of the 4 million people nationally who receive treatment and pursue recovery every year, Families Aiding In Total Healing -Solving Together Every Problem, a program of Communities Of Tomorrow's Economic Redevelopment is joined by Texas Southern University- Center on the Family in hosting a Conference on Substance Abuse and the Family.

When we consider the extent of today's drug problem and in light of the recent celebrity's death, which highlights the problem even more, it can be overwhelming. Drug abuse affects all of us in one way or another. Whether through increased health costs, paying with our tax money to support the prison population, accidents caused by those "under the influence," or being victimized by addicts trying to get money for their next fix, the drug epidemic impacts all of us.

So we have to ask ourselves, what can we do about this?

On Thursday September 17, and Friday September 18, 2009, Texas Southern University will be the host site for the first of its kind conference offering workshops in natural techniques, training tools and instruments, which is a social education model with a 43 year history.

Come learn how to identify and handle when prescription drugs, psychiatric drugs, illicit drugs and alcohol has taken over a person's life, is tearing the family a part, and is devastating the community.
The conference will educate the public on the #1 public health crisis, that addiction is a treatable, not an incurable disease and recovery is possible.

This learning experience will arm you with the necessary tools to address your concerns with an approach that will rescue your loved ones, restore your family, regenerate your schools, rethink your churches and revolutionize the community. You will learn how “our silence” has contributed to developing an underclass with no hope in sight until now!

The Guest Luncheon Speaker on September 17, 2009 is Mr. James L. Harper, Los Angeles, CA. He is presently the foremost expert in educating people about psychiatric drugs safely He authored "The Road Back- How to Get off Psychiatric Drugs Safely".

On September 18, 2009, is Rev. Dr. Alfreddie Johnson, CEO of World Literacy Crusade Los Angeles, CA, will address how to educate and protect our children from the streets. He is CEO of American Health & Education Clinics, which is certified and supported by the state of California to administer drug rehabilitation and alternative mental health services to the youth and adults.

You will learn how to take action! Learn how to apply the theory and use the tools. When you leave this conference you will be ready and prepared to change or save a life.