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Father Pavone Joins Randall Terry in Effort to Defeat Florida State Senator Jim King in Republican Primary, September 5

Contact: Randall Terry for Florida State Senate Campaign Office, 904-819-9450


ST. AUGUSTINE, Aug. 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- Internationally known pro-life leader, Father Frank Pavone, acting as a private citizen, has signed a letter which was sent to thousands of Catholic voters in Florida State Senate District 8. (Letter below)


Father Pavone has also recorded a thirty second phone message which was sent by phone today (August 17) to thousands of Catholic voters in the district. (Script of phone message follows.)


Randall Terry, candidate for state Senate has the following statement:


“Senator King is trying to repackage himself as a pro-family conservative; Father Pavone's letter and phone call will lay that illusion to rest within the next 24 hours for thousands of Catholic voters.  Father Pavone's letter and phone call may be what puts us over the top, because it will help us mobilize our base.”


Following is the phone script:


“Hello, this is Father Frank Pavone. The race between Randall Terry and State Senator, Jim King is one of the most important in the nation.


“Randall Terry is a pro-life champion - we've worked together for years.  But Senator King supports abortion on demand. While Randall and I worked side by side to save Terri Schiavo,

Senator King cruelly fought to starve her to death. I ask you to vote for Randall Terry, and to volunteer and contribute to him if you can.


“I'm calling as a private citizen, not as head of any group.


“Paid for and Approved by Randall Terry, Republican, State Senate.”


Following is the letter:


From the Desk of Father Frank Pavone


One of the most important political races in the nation is happening in

Your state Senate District in Florida - the race between pro-life champion

Randall Terry, and your current State Senator, Jim King.


Dear friend of life,


I'm writing to earnestly solicit your help in one of the key pro-life battles facing us in this election cycle -- the Republican primary -- scheduled for September 5 -- between challenger Randall Terry and incumbent State Senator Jim King.


Let me refresh your memory -- Randall Terry has been on the front lines of the pro-life movement for over two decades -- a nationally and internationally known pro-life leader.


Randall and I have worked on various projects together for over 15 years.


Jim King, on the other hand, is a firm supporter of Roe versus Wade -- and he led the efforts to starve Terri Schiavo to death last year.


While Randall Terry and I were at the hospice,

Working side by side to save Terri from starvation…

Senator Jim King was working to starve Terri to death.


I am writing you as a private citizen, because I know you share my passion for life.


I know you want strong pro-life legislators in government as much as I do. 


Frankly, you could not have a more proven and dedicated servant of life in office than Randall Terry. 


I'm asking you to do three critical things in the cause of life:


1) Vote for Randall Terry. Early voting begins on August 21, and ends on September 2.  The Republican primary is on September 5, the day after Labor Day.


Please vote for my friend Randall.


2) Volunteer for Randall's campaign. I recently spent two days in the district, traveling from Daytona to Jacksonville, meeting with voters, and helping Randall put together an incredible volunteer team. 


With the election soon upon us -- there is much to be done -- but this is absolutely a race that can be won by Randall. He just needs help from people like you.


Call 904 -- 246 -- 7337 to find out when and where and how you can help.


3) Give to Randall’s Campaign. I am asking you to give is generously as you possibly can today to help Randall launch his final wave of advertisements, mailings, literature drops, and phone banks.


Randall must hear from you by August 27, so he can have the finances for the last week of the campaign. 


Please rush your gift today!


I pray you will do all you are able for the cause of life,


Father Frank Pavone

(This endorsement is made in my own name,

not in the name or with the funds of any organization I lead.)


Paid for and Approved by Randall Terry, Republican, Florida Senate