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Muggles and Hogwarts are in The House. Hallelujah!

Contact: Jerry Ching, 818-620-4256

MEDIA ADVISORY, July 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- Exciting times for our young ones as they rush to screenings of the new movie, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." The cinematic rendition of their favorite characters in another chapter of the J.K. Rowling saga has shown to be quite profitable as kids from all corners of the country are repeatedly flocking to the theaters. And to top it off, the series' last installment in print, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" is scheduled to be released in bookstores at the stroke of midnight tonight. What an occasion this will be! Kids lining up way past bedtimes at bookstores just to get a copy of the precious tome! Hallelujah! Harry Potter is FINALLY here again!

Don't you wish that sometimes our little muggles would greet another guy that we know so well with equal fervor? He only showed us the way to true happiness, by the way. Heck...he also saved us and died for our sins! Unfortunately, what is COMING THIS FRIDAY and NOW IN THEATERS! is always more important than a guy who has ALWAYS been here. But just like "ALWAYS eat your peas" and "ALWAYS do your homework", a saviour that is always in our midst is just not very exciting to any 6 or 9 year old.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a little non-profit book that could help. It's called "The Greatest King" and it has been called "the Christian answer to Harry Potter" by Bert Witvoet of the Christian Educators Journal. Molly Marsh of Sojourners Magazine has also called it "the Gospel in rock 'em, soc 'em color! The book is an beautifully illustrated graphic adventure that follows a young Prince's voyage through magical forests, out-of-this-world characters and giant discoveries. All this, of course, leads the Prince to the real hero that has ALWAYS been...Jesus Christ.

Author/Illustrator Jerry Ching is an ex-Disney animator trained in producing Hollywood eye-candy. Co-author Mike Onghai is the founder of the newly formed Greatest King Foundation that will donate all profits to the Save the Children Foundation benefiting impoverished children here and abroad. You can visit the website at www.thegreatestkingbook.org to look at images from the book and to order. It is also available online at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Christianbook.com and Walmart.com. An e-book version is also available at Powells.com.

Don't bother looking for it at the bookstores. Harry Potter needed all the shelf space that he could get. And he did!

The Greatest King by Jerry Yu Ching and Mike Onghai. Second edition., 7 3/4 x 10 1/16, 46 pages, 40 illustrations. ISBN 0-9743215-0-8 $4.99

Please feel free to lift images from our website: http://www.thegreatestkingbook.org