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Protesters to Confront Pete Buttigieg in Iowa - 'He's the Most Dangerous Man in America for Children'
April 16, 2019
DES MOINES, Iowa, April 16, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pro-life and pro-family demonstrators will confront Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg - and his supporters - on April 16 and 17 at all four of his campaign stops in Iowa.

The demonstrations will be led by Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue, and host of TV show, Voice of Resistance.

Terry and his associates are traveling in a 40 foot motor coach that is emblazoned with nearly 70 feet of linear banners calling on Christians to repent, and to stop voting for Democrats that support child-killing. The coach also shows images of babies murdered by abortion.

See motor coach and assorted news coverage here: www.Randallterry.com

The purpose of these demonstrations is twofold:
  1. To plead with Christians to stop supporting candidates that champion the slaughter of babies, depraved sexual behaviors, and lies to our children about gender identity. 
  2. To call on Catholic and Evangelical clergy and media to break their silence, and to clearly tell their followers that to vote for these candidates is to sin against innocent blood.

Mr. Terry states:

    "Pete Buttigieg is 'The Handsome Face of Evil.'

    "His most insidious impact is to normalize...to romanticize...even to beautify the evil deeds of child killing and sodomy. These are sins that cry to God for vengeance. And now they are applauded and glorified. Now CNN and other TV outlets are lionizing this man; meanwhile FOX TV and other outlets are discussing how Christians should just capitulate on the whole discussion of homosexual marriage.

    "Please understand: I grieve for Pete Buttigieg - for his endangered soul, his sexual bondage - but I am also enraged by what he is really doing.

    "He is supporting baby-killing and is recruiting young people into homosexual bondage by his example, and trying to normalize what is an intrinsically evil behavior.

    "Think of how many millions of children are seeing the news, or hearing about his 'sexuality' in school, and are asking questions about homosexuality...He is an agent of evil specifically because he is being used by 'the dark side' (the devil and his angels) to try to legitimize...and lionize...a depraved sexuality.

    "And he does all this with a winsome smile, of course...which is why I call him 'The Handsome Face of Evil.'

    "Any clergyman or Christian leader worth his salt knows all this is true; when will they have the courage to say it?"





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