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The Bible Museum, AskACatholic, Lords Art, Salem Storehouse Inc and Other Christian Businesses are Attracting Shoppers on Social Media
Contact: Dean Jones, Godinterest, 07-98-425-1660

LONDON, May 7, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Businesses both Christian and Non-Christian alike are using Godinterest, a new Christian social media networking site that allows users to create collections of photos, articles, recipes, videos and other images that are called "posts" to draw business to their own websites.

Christian Books, Wedding Dresses, Gifts, Tee-shirts, Ornaments, Devotionals, Bible Answers and Gospel music are just some of the items being displayed on Godinterest.

The interest in Godinterest comes as both Christian and Non-Christian businesses are increasingly realising the power of niche Christian based social media sites to push customers their way.

Recently, they have been found on sites like Pinterest that has understood that while users are spending more time posting photos online, they also can be encouraged to spend money.

Founded in April 2014, Godinterest is a virtual scrapbook and a complete newbie in social media, but its niche of Christian focused community and interface (comparable to that of Pinterest) is what its founder believes will set it apart as a good marketing tool for Christian and non-Christian businesses with a focus on Christian products.

Users can collect images they find around the web under topics and within boards they create.

Dean Jones the founder of Godinterest say's , "I would urge retailers to sign up now as getting in early and building a following could be the key to success and more referrals later on."

Using Godinterest is similar to a never ending page of photos: Posts are organised under topics called "boards" and users can follow each other posts.

Jones states, "The unique thing about Godinterest from a retailer's perspective is it's specifically about Christian products, as opposed to all products. Godinterest offers a good opportunity to get your products in front of a Christian audience. As the platform grows the amount of people following you will grow as well which will mean that when you post new items, they are more likely to show up under top posts and within our automated email roundup. This will result in even more free referrals. We hope to be a service that Christians and non Christians use to inspire their future.

"To celebrate our recent launch we will be giving away a iPad on the 5th July 2014. To enter the prize draw all you have to do is register free at Godinterest.com and invite a friend."

For more information visit Godinterest.com.

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