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Christians Reviving America's Values -- Who We Are

Contact:  Don Swarthout, President, Christians Reviving America's ValuEs (CRAVE), 859-219-1222, 859-619-2811


WASHINGTON, April 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christians Reviving America's ValuEs is a national organization also known by the name CRAVE, because we CRAVE revival in our churches and the restoration of Godly principles in America.


Every year we write more than 1,000,000 letters to Christians in America.  We want to educate them about the War on Christianity.  We tell them about the role played by Christianity, The Ten Commandments and morality of our Founding Fathers in establishing our great nation.  We remind people that honesty, integrity, moral character and our national freedoms are still important in America today.


The President of CRAVE, Don Swarthout, attended the United States Supreme Court hearings on the public display of the Ten Commandments. CRAVE is also involved in Exposing the ACLU and requested a Congressional Investigation into their activities.  We are also very concerned about the lack of truthfulness of American prosecutors in the trials like the Duke Rape Case and the trials of Border Patrol Agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos.


Too many Christians today don't think we should be involved in politics, but we should involve our Christianity in absolutely everything in our lives.


In Genesis 1:26, the first chapter, of the first book of the Bible God tells us "to take dominion over the earth and everything therein."  We are also taught "to occupy until he returns," and "to be good stewards over everything He has given us," and that most certainly includes this nation.


The Bible teaches us that Jesus is coming back.  He will reign and rule over the earth for a thousand years.  That sounds to me like Jesus is going to be quite involved in the government of our world.  Isaiah 9:6-7 makes that very clear.


"We must never forget America is the only nation in the history of the world to base a government upon the will of the people and the principles of God.  It takes a lot of study of American History and the Bible to fully understand this, but if you will invest the time, you will find it is true," according to Swarthout.


"Most people today think that our freedom comes from our Constitution, but our freedom comes directly from God.  The God of the Holy Scriptures is the God of freedom because He created man with the ability to make our own decisions.  That makes Him the God of our freedom, it is just that simple," Swarthout said.


Our Declaration of Independence says our Creator gave us certain unalienable rights.  Those unalienable rights come directly from God.  The purpose of our government is to help us maintain our rights.  That is our government's responsibility to us.  However, the government is not doing their job very well.




We are losing our freedoms and our Christian rights in America.  The ACLU gets rich from your tax dollars when they win a case against Religious Freedom or the Ten Commandments.  If they lose such a case the ACLU pays you nothing.  They just pick up their marbles and go home.  The ACLU says they are against someone searching your bags when you enter a building, but they have a scanner and search every bag coming into their very own headquarters.  Your teenage daughter can get an abortion without your knowledge; Government can take your property and sell it to someone else just because they can get more money for it in tax revenue; Border Patrol Agents can be convicted and sent to prison for doing their jobs; Islamic leaders lie to us over and over again while they are preparing for a war against America.


"We must learn to call things by their real names," said Don Swarthout, President of Christians Reviving America's ValuEs.  An example of this can be illustrated by a lady telling a story about someone's pickup truck being stolen and set on fire in a small town.  The lady telling the story said, "Of course, the keys were left in the ignition switch."  The people listening to the story said, "Oh well, no wonder then the truck was stolen."


The lady telling the story said, "No, I think the Commandment is; Thou shalt not steal, instead of thou shalt not leave your keys in your truck."  The lady telling this story really had it right.  She repeated exactly what the Bible says and we need to learn to always think that way.  If everyone would just try to live by the Ten Commandments it would be a much better world.


In another example, the ACLU defended NAMBLA's (North America Man Boy Love Association) website in court.  The ACLU said this website, which taught older men how to seduce young boys into homosexual activities, could be called free speech. 


Yet the truth is this website could be seen as encouraging the crime of Pedophilia which is against the law.  This website should not be called free speech, but rather it is about committing Pedophilia which is an illegal crime in America.


Don Swarthout said, "Every year CRAVE spends more than $500,000 just on the cost of our mailings compared to the ACLU's annual budget of $45,000,000. Where are the Christians who say they would love to see the ACLU shut down?  If Christians could see the whole picture, they would help us to fight these battles."