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'Untold News' Highlights Israeli Innovation
Contact: Jim Fletcher, 405-872-6890, jim1fletcher@yahoo.com
NEW YORK, March 24, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- An organization dedicated to telling the world good news about Israeli innovation has been launched.
Untold News (www.untoldnews.org) was founded by Marcella Rosen, who was concerned about the negative images and publicity aimed at the state of Israel. She decided to do her bit to help, to highlight an astonishing story:
"While everyone has been focused on the country's decades of military conflicts, Israel has quietly become the most energetic, ambitious, go-go incubator of entrepreneurialism and invention the planet has ever seen."
Rosen's book, Tiny Dynamo, is a quick read that is jammed with stories of such innovation, ranging from medical advances to agricultural breakthroughs. Rosen has been promoting it everywhere, and is pleased to see a Christian Zionist community clamoring for it.
"I have been so pleased to see the outpouring of interest in our work from the pro Israel Christian community," Rosen says. We are ready to work with organizations and individuals who want to help promote a positive image of Israel. Our book and website help do that."
Tiny Dynamo has already proved to be a real topic of conversation, and Rosen outlines the basic contents of the book:
"This book tells 21 stories about Israelis who are emblematic of their nation's determination to make a positive difference, and the work through which they're expressing that determination. I chose these stories because they represent a cross-section of what's going on within Israel's borders…but for every story I chose, there are dozens more that could have been included."
Tiny Dynamo has been reviewed by WorldNetDaily, the Jerusalem Post, and others.
A feature of the Untold News website that surprises even Christian supporters of Israel focuses on medical treatment in Israel, provided to Arab patients, some of whom are actually terrorists. Then, of course, there are stories of Palestinian children given life-saving treatment by the best hospitals in Israel.
It all adds up to a win-win story literally for everyone. It is a story Marcella Rosen is eager to talk about, for the benefit of those the world over, and to shed a light on a tiny nation too often misjudged.