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Catholic Think Tank Criticizes Senate Stem Cell Vote

Contact: Michelle Gress, The Westchester Institute, 703-447-0505


THORNWOOD, NY, April 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Westchester Institute, a Catholic think tank that has been deeply engaged during the last two years with the stem cell research issue, criticized the passage of S.5, a bill to expand federal funding for embryo destructive research, but applauded passage of S.30, the HOPE Act, a bill supporting ethical stem cell research that does not involve embryo destruction. The Senate vote passing S.5 was 63 to 34; the vote passing S.30 was 70 to 28.


"The Senate's vote on S.5 to allow embryo destructive research is a deep disappointment," said Father Thomas Berg, Executive Director of the Westchester Institute. To encourage the destruction of human life for research cannot be justified, and forcing taxpayers to pay for research that requires embryo killing is deplorable.


"The Senate's passage of S.30, however, will allow science to move forward with ethical research, including proven therapies and promising alternatives that do not harm or destroy nascent human life," said Father Berg.


"Voting in favor of S.5, but against S.30, as many Senators did, would lead one to conclude that for those Senators, progress is only progress if it entails the destruction of human embryos," Berg said.


The Westchester Institute for Ethics and the Human Person was founded in 1998 to renew, deepen, and promote the Western tradition of moral reflection. The institute pursues its objectives in cultural, political, and academic settings. Through seminars, lecture series, and research fellowships, the Westchester Institute seeks to reinvigorate contemporary moral discourse at all levels.