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The Heavens are Up to Something
From River Birch Press

What on Earth Is God Up To, Now?

Linda Prince
April 9, 2020

DAPHNE, Ala., April 9, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- Poignant and timely book - released before the pandemic, Inklings mysteriously points to a pending event in the spiritual realm, a time of awakening, a time when God's Kingdom people on earth will be called into action as instruments of revival.

Intriguing enough for any mystery fan, but when set within a fiction story about a young South African woman transplanted to Charleston, South Carolina, you've got a page-turner indeed. Her quest to find answers begins with her soon-to-be fiancé's abduction and quickly takes her into the complex culture of an old southern city. There, as part of her research, she comes across people who open her eyes to a startling dimension of thinking. What are the heavens up to?

Author Linda Prince challenges readers to: "Travel with Ntombi (pronounced Tohm-Bye, the n is silent) from South Africa as she becomes a God sleuth, eyeing the interface between heaven and earth and uncovering the first signs of a clear and present, yet unique, outpouring." At first, Linda interviewed forty faith leaders about calling and knowing the voice of God with the idea that she would write a non-fiction book about God's working in our day. But Linda is a gifted storyteller—from a long line of storytellers—who couldn't resist crafting a fiction book.

Perhaps Rev. David Booman, Assistant for Pastoral Chaplaincy, St. Michael's Church, Charleston, SC can clarify, "In an age desperately searching for meaning and wonder, Prince has penned a tale that slakes our thirst. [In] a rousing globe-hopping adventure, Prince explores the mysterious influence of generations past, treads the darkest hells of human evil, and ultimately feeds our souls with glimpses of the very glory of God."

If you suspect God is up to something in our day, Inklings is the page turner you have been looking for!

Inklings: The Heavens Are Up To Something! by L.P. Prince, 320 pages, PB, $19.95. https://LPPrince.com. ISBN: 978-1-951561-01-7. Published by River Birch Press (2019). Distributed by Ingram and Amazon.com. River Birch Press publishes books with a Christian worldview. Its mission is to empower readers for fruitful living. Also available at https://lpprince.com/new-release/

SOURCE Linda Prince

CONTACT: 704-453-6772, lindaprince@mindspring.com

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