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Field Poll on Marriage is Suspect Claims Catholics for the Common Good

Contact: Justyna Krukowska, Catholics for the Common Good, 415-651-4171


SAN FRANCISCO, May 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Today's Field Poll shows data inconsistent with other reputable polls that show voter support for defining marriage in the state constitution as between a man and a woman," said William B. May, chairman of Catholics for the Common Good. "The Los Angeles Times poll of May 21 shows an 18-point margin (54-36) in support of the ProtectMarriage.com initiative, and SurveyUSA of May 15 indicates a 16-point margin (52-36)." 

A just-released Field Poll indicates 51-42 support for same-sex "marriage" among California-registered voters and opposition to the ProtectMarriage.com initiative that will appear on the November 2008 ballot.

"Polling results can, of course, vary substantially depending on how questions are asked, the order in which they are asked, and sampling techniques. I am confident that when voters read the one-sentence initiative in November, they will see it as common sense and will vote for it. But this election to reinstate marriage as only between a man and a woman will be very close and hard-fought," May said.

"It is true that younger people support same-sex marriage in greater numbers. Young people have been immersed in a culture that is largely indifferent to marriage and have even been taught in schools that marriage is simply a lifestyle choice reflected in the fact that marriage has declined over the last thirty years."

"Marriage has declined to the point that four out of ten children are now born out of wedlock  -- a serious problem that calls for promoting and supporting marriage for people who engage in reproductive acts. However, it is now illegal for public schools or other government agencies to promote marriage for men and women, because it discriminates against the private interests of a particular group of adults," said May. "The California Supreme Court decision is clearly in conflict with the common interest of every child without exception in having a married mother and father."

Catholics for the Common Good is an educational organization dedicated to bringing reason to the public square using insights from Catholic social teachings based on the dignity of the human person, fundamental human rights, and social justice.