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Morality in Media and American Decency Association Call for Magazine Cover-Up at Supermarket Checkout Lanes

Contacts: Ed Hynes, Vice President, Morality in Media, 570-775-1724, rileyson@ptd.net; Bill Johnson, American Decency Association, 231-924-4050, bjohnson@americandecency.org


MEDIA ADVISORY, June 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- Morality in Media and the American Decency Association have renewed an effort, begun in 1999, to get American supermarkets to “stop displaying magazines with blatantly sexual cover headlines at checkout counters.”


In a letter sent to 558 supermarket executives on June 27, MIM president Robert Peters and ADA president William Johnson said, “A captive audience, regardless of age, shouldn’t be required to pass through a gauntlet of smut to purchase necessities, and children shouldn’t be able to purchase smut anywhere.”


They also cautioned the executives that selling such magazines to children might violate state “harmful to minors laws.”


They wrote, “We ask you to either cover up the sexually offensive headlines and photos on the front covers of magazines displayed at checkout lanes or to display them elsewhere. We also ask you to adopt a policy of not selling sexually offensive magazines to children.”


In the June 2006 issue, Cosmopolitan ran these cover headlines:



Guys Share Tons of Totally Original and Mind-Blowing Tips


Are You Ever a Bitch?

Secret Reasons Guys Love It




The MIM/ADA letter quoted segments from the June issue that supported the headlines. The letter is available on request from MIM or ADA but will not be posted at either organization’s website because of explicit language quoted from Cosmopolitan.


Here are edited excerpts from the letter:


In the “62 SEX MOVES” article we find “moves” like these. . .


“The night I got my promotion, my girlfriend said she was going to xxxxx all night.”

“There’s something so taboo about giving a girl xxxxx.”

“This chick leaned against the dresser and xxxxx. I obliged. . .”

“My girl xxxxx in a semi-public place. The risk…triggers an insane orgasm.”

“I go wild when a girl xxxxx the xxxxx of my xxxxx while running her nails xxxxx.”


In “Bedroom Games” girls learn. . .to play “Dirty Dice” and “Lusty Lit”…


For "Dirty Dice," all they have to do is, "Write down…numbers…on a sheet of paper. Next to each number, you and your man should jot down a sex act that you both love (or would love to try). Then roll the dice and play out the move..."


For “Lusty Lit,” all lustful youth will need is “racy books.” They then, “Flip through one of the books until you come across a steamy sex scene. Take turns reading it aloud to each other… then act out the scene, making sure to duplicate every delectable detail.”


Lest young readers be forced to search far and wide for a “racy” book, an excerpt from…“Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights,” is reprinted at page . . .


. . . [I]n the Classifieds section, we find…ads for “adult sex toys,” “spanking erotica,” “bondage gear,” “adult movies,” and “Free Sex & Love Techniques.” The latter ad points readers to a website where they can receive, without proof of age, access to “Adult Sex Ed” materials.”


When a retired law enforcement agent, now a consultant for MIM, went to this website and clicked the word “Cunnilingus,” he observed. . . a photo that “depicted a naked female lying on her back with her right leg lifted near her right breast as a male engaged in oral/vaginal sex upon her genitals”… Some may call that “Adult Sex Ed,” but we call it “pornography.”


That’s pornography made available at the family supermarket.