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Jesusland Author Fighting for Fred in Florida

Thompson can count on this evangelical author.


Contact: David Jeffers, Understanding Evangelicals, 850-565-0993 cell, jeffers221@bellsouth.net


MEDIA ADVISORY, Jan. 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- While Senator Fred Thompson is attending to his mother in Tennessee, many in Jesusland are still working hard for Fred, according to David Jeffers, author of Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland. "Many Floridian evangelicals, especially in the Panhandle, are still on fire to bring Fred a Florida victory."


Jeffers says while much speculation swirls inside the media bubble on Thompson remaining in the race, the author will be busy all week making phone calls for Fred.


"I want Florida values voters to know that Fred not only supports the all-important social issues evangelicals refuse to compromise on, our conservative values will also be met by Fred's strong commitment to national security and fiscal responsibility," explains Jeffers.


Jeffers reminds Florida voters of Fred Thompson's strong conservative values:


  1. A lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 86.2% compared to John McCain's 82% and Ron Paul's 76%

  2. His promise to appoint only judges faithful to our Constitution

  3. Strong support of 2nd Amendment rights

  4. Excellent immigration plan

  5. Devotion to winning the war on terror

  6. Building a strong national defense

  7. 100% voting record opposing abortion and the National Right to Life's endorsement

  8. Making the tax system simpler and fairer for all

  9. A healthcare system that is affordable, fully accessible, and portable.

  10. Protecting children and strong family values


Jeffers cautions evangelicals from getting caught up in the electability concern, the non-charisma charge, or Thompson's alleged lack of public speaking skills. The Jesusland author exhorts all Florida Republicans to remember this is not American Idol. "The presidential primary process is about nominating the best candidate and trusting that conservatism wins the day everyday!"


Jeffers outlines in his book those issues that are near and dear to evangelicals' heart and says, "Thompson's candidacy addresses every one of those issues."


Jeffers recently endorsed Thompson on YouTube and his book is available at his website and online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


David Jeffers is a lay preacher, retired Army Master Sergeant and author of Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Liberty University where he received his degree in Biblical Studies, Mr. Jeffers frequently comments on the Evangelical perspective of current affairs in the media. Mr. Jeffers has published numerous articles on The New Media Journal and appears regularly on talk radio shows around the country. To interview Mr. Jeffers please contact him at jeffers221@bellsouth.net or by cell (850) 565-0993