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Planned Parenthood Temporarily Suspends Abortions in South Dakota

Contact: Cherlyn Bosch, VoteYesForLife.com, 605-271-7581


SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota, July 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Allen D. Unruh submits the following and is available for comment:


On Monday, July 21, 2008, women in South Dakota showed up for their abortion appointments at 8:00 a.m.   But there was a sign on the door that Planned Parenthood was closed.   Monday is the day that Planned Parenthood usually schedules abortions at its Sioux Falls abortion clinic.  On those Mondays, Planned Parenthood flies a doctor in from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to perform 15 to 20 abortions.  On this Monday, no unborn babies died in South Dakota by an abortion.  The reason Planned Parenthood suspended its abortion practice this week should be the most exciting news the Culture of Life has ever had.  Monday was the first day Planned Parenthood had to comply with South Dakota's new Abortion Informed Consent Law.  The Law became effective because of a decision of an en banc Court of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, on June 27, 2008, which vacated an injunction.  Now Planned Parenthood must comply with the requirements of the Law.  


Among other things, the new law requires the abortion doctor to advise the pregnant mother, in writing, that the abortion will "terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being."  The U.S. Court of Appeals rejected Planned Parenthood's argument that the Statute violated the doctor's first amendment rights.  Planned Parenthood is contending that the statement is one of "ideology."  The Court held that the Statute made it clear the statement was a statement of biological fact, not one of ideology; and the evidence produced did not demonstrate it was anything other than an accurate statement of biological fact.


The new Law also requires the abortion doctor to inform the pregnant mother that the pregnant mother and the second human being have an existing relationship that enjoys protection under the Constitution of the United States, and that the procedure terminates that relationship and the rights associated with it.  The Law also requires disclosure of medical risks, including the risk of depression and "increased risk of suicide ideation and suicide."   


After the case was remanded back to the Federal District Court on June 27th, Planned Parenthood's lawyers attempted to convince the District Court Judge to enter a new injunction concerning the disclosures other than the "human being" disclosure.  On Thursday, July 17th, the District Court refused to enter another injunction and the Law became effective on Monday, July 21st.


When someone finally came to the Planned Parenthood office this last Monday, no abortion doctors arrived with them.  No abortion doctor flew into South Dakota that day.  The penalties for abortionist's non-compliance could include a prison sentence, loss of medical license, and civil liability.  In South Dakota, a wrongful death case can be brought for the death of an unborn child at any age of gestation.  Time will tell if an abortionist will take the medical and legal risk of completing abortions in South Dakota without compliance to the 8th Circuit decision.  The new rules are that they must tell the truth.  The immediate beneficiaries of this new law are the women and their children.  The women will be better informed, and that information, for some, will most likely result in the women keeping their children.  More children will live.


But, perhaps the greatest beneficiary is our culture at large.


In the lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood challenging the constitutionality of South Dakota's Informed Consent Law, Dr. Bernard Nathanson testified that he was one of the original founders of the National Alliance to Repeal Abortion Laws (NARAL).  He is probably the last living original founder.  He testified that as part of their strategy, the NARAL founders decided that they had to deny what they knew to be true -- that an abortion killed a living human being.  They decided to deceive the public (and the courts) by maintaining that what was "evacuated" in an abortion was "just some tissue."  Dr. Nathanson has blown NARAL's cover.  The Eighth Circuit has now shown a bright light on the truth.  And the truth will, in the end, set us free.


For addition information about the 8th Circuit Court decision or the Initiative to end abortion as birth control in South Dakota which is on November’s ballot, go to www.voteyesforlife.com