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JCEP's Terry Mcintosh Secures Palestinian Commitment Not to Endorse the Black Lives Matter Movement

Contact: Jennifer Thomasson, Jesus Christ Embassy Palestine, 270-534-0792

MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 3, 2016 -/Christian Newswire/ -- A recent meeting between Palestinian Senior Parliament Leader Dr. Ahmed Majdalini and Jesus Christ Embassy Palestine representative Terry McIntosh was very productive for the purpose of understanding obstacles to peace and potential resolutions. 

McIntosh secured a commitment that the Palestinian Authority will not endorse the Black Lives Matter movement here in the USA. The organization has adopted the Palestinian cause as a way to identify the Black community with people living under occupation. They do not represent the vast majority of law-abiding citizens from within the Black community who believe in racial harmony.

Dr. Majdalini is Secretary-General of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front political party and answers directly to the President as a senior member of the PLO Parliament. McIntosh has labored for freedom of religion, human rights, and Jewish-Palestinian reconciliation since the Oslo Accord agreement. In addition to his role as a Christian peacemaker, McIntosh is a congressional write-in candidate from the state of Kentucky.

McIntosh brought the matter up during a visit with the Palestinian leader on September 28 as they discussed other issues. He pointed out that the Black Lives organization was riding on the coat tails of the Palestinian people in order to gain attention for their own political cause. He also pointed out that organizers originally called for incitement against civil authority and the murder of American police officers. Although they have modified the platform while trying to clean it up, some activists are still inciting violence among Americans according to sources.


McIntosh stressed that the movement's hijacking of the Palestinian cause harms Palestinians and the process of peace simply because many Americans will automatically think that the two separate causes are linked. The imagined link furthers the false narrative that all Palestinians are terrorists who want to kill Jews and Americans.


Majdalini confirmed that the Palestinian Authority is happy to have anyone's support, but agreed not to endorse or support the Black Lives Matter organization. He assured McIntosh that the PA opposes any organization that promotes racial division and violent action against other citizens in the USA and Israel. He added that the PA does not want Black Lives or other groups to use the Palestinian cause to promote their own personal agenda.


The PA has quelled organized terrorist activity within the West Bank against Jews in search for a non-violent solution to the Jewish-Palestinian problems. While individual attacks occur occasionally, the PA cannot be held responsible any more than any other country who can not halt all crimes.


McIntosh says, "Most conservative Christians, and Americans in general, confuse the Palestinian Authority with the radical religious group Hamas in Gaza which promotes violence against Jews. We must take care not to confuse the two ideologies and seek peace while peace is possible." Propaganda normally frames Palestinians when Hamas commits acts of terror.


Mr. Majdalini confirmed that Palestinians have recognized Israel's right to exist, but stops short of recognizing the racist all-Jewish state Mr. Netanyahu demands. He says that if Netanyahu put it to a vote in Israel, his idea would fail. "Jews do not want to be known as racists and will not accept a racist state if they have a chance to vote on it. Neither would the Palestinian people accept the idea of an "Islamic State of Palestine. People here and there want to be free to make their own choices about race and religion. We support that right."


He goes on to say that the two Presidential candidates for US President are the worse possible choices for Palestinians. "The Democratic party talks about human rights, but never does anything about it," Majdalini says. On the other hand, the Republican party supports Israel unconditionally.


Majdalani stressed that the Palestinian leadership is committed to peace and the self-determination of the Palestinian people, to put an end to the occupation and the establishment of the Palestinian state.


The meeting in Ramallah was attended by the secretary general of the circle of political relations, National Front Rasheed Shaheen, and Dr. Facilitate Fattouh from the governorate of Nablus.


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