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Robert Bakke 'Performance Gospel' Spellbinding Audiences
Contact: Robert Bakke, 612-812-6174, robert@robertbakke.com; www.robertbakke.com

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn., Nov. 29, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Jet pilot Robert Bakke is using his "Performance Gospel" to upset the religious apple cart of poverty & weakness, and he's doing it on purpose. "Our God is powerful, wealthy and expects us to win, which is why we're told nothing is impossible with God's help," says Bakke, who points out that many of God's chosen were the wealthiest men on earth, not the poorest. Bakke's life work of proving nothing is impossible, fueled by his love for speed and motorsports, has catapulted him into the spotlight with a #1 bestseller and a message that has rocketed around the earth.

Once the skinniest kid in school, Bakke started out proving the impossible is possible, by running a multi-million dollar company by the age of 24. Then he flew himself into a career as a jet captain while earning his black belt (becoming regional champion). He is also a skiing instructor, and an aerobatic flying instructor. But it wasn't until he stepped into his childhood dream of NASCAR racing that his life completely exploded. Bakke wrote a racing inspired book entitled, Prayer at Full Throttle: How Performance-Based Prayer Makes Miracles Happen. The book achieved global television publicity in four and-a-half months and scored a #1 ranking on Amazon (twice). Bakke's relentless desire to achieve goals and inspire others has often been described as spellbinding. "Follow the desire God puts in your heart, and do it forever. There's no stopping the real you," says Bakke.

Bakke also points out that the wealthiest people are still working. "Retirement is man-made nonsense that puts undue pressure on people who are still able to work and desperately seeking to fulfill a purpose. So replace retirement with ambition and fire up your childhood dream. You'll be shocked at what happens," says Bakke.

Bakke's book, Prayer at Full Throttle is an Amazon #1 bestseller. The book is available at www.amazon.com in paperback and e-book.  Website: www.robertbakkemotivation.com Bakke is available for interviews at robert@robertbakke.com or 612-812-6174.

About Robert Bakke
Robert Bakke an Amazon #1 Best-Selling author. He is also a jet captain and aerobatic flight instructor, a black belt and regional champion, NASCAR driver, and was running a multi-million dollar company by the age of 24.

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