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UrbanMinistry.org: Web 2.0 to Promote Social Justice

Contact: Andrew Sears, 617-282-9798 ext.101


MEDIA ADVISORY, April 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o'clock on Sunday morning." The vision of TechMission's UrbanMinistry.org is to help promote social justice and end that segregation by using Web 2.0 technology to connect the urban and suburban church worlds. Some features of the website include:


  • Urban Ministry Conference Materials, Blogs, Sermon Videos, MP3s, and Online Courses: including over 100 keynote talks and workshops from past urban ministry conferences

  • Gospelpedia: similar to Wikipedia but covering all topics of interest to Christian social services including urban youth ministry, addiction recovery, technology and ministry and volunteer management: www.urbanministry.org/gospelpedia

  • Local Volunteer Opportunities including over 1,500 volunteer opportunities from nearly 900 organizations. National partners on this site include: CCDA, UYWI, YouthPartnersNet, HLIC, Salvation Army and AGRM. www.christianvolunteering.org

  • Ability to Submit Material including: videos from YouTube or Google Video, MP3s, document templates, presentations, testimonies, blogs, articles to the Gospelpedia, online courses and any Book/DVD suggestions from Amazon.


The vision of UrbanMinistry.org is to provide the tools to enable a mass movement of user-contributed content from diverse cultural perspectives to help address injustice. Examples on UrbanMinistry.org include:


  • Combating Aids in Africa Channel

  • Anti-Human Trafficking Channel

  • Fighting Global Hunger/Poverty Channels

  • Anti-Sweatshop Channel

  • Anti-Police Brutality Channel


How will it change police practices or corporate practices if a billion people have video camera cell phones and post videos of police brutality and corporate sweatshops on YouTube? (There are over 5,500 YouTube videos on these topics).


Another major vision for UrbanMinistry.org is to help resource to urban communities. Faith-based volunteers donated time valued at $51.8 billion each year in the United States, according to CNCS and US Department of Labor. According to the Institute for Policy Studies of Johns Hopkins University, only 7-15% of volunteering through churches helps the larger community. This means that only $3.6 to $7.8 billion of this value goes to serve those outside of the church. Increasing the number of Christian volunteers serving in low income communities by 10% would represent over $5.2 billion in increased resources available to those communities through donated time.


TechMission is a Christian nonprofit social service organization with over 500 member ministries serving over 50,000 people in at-risk communities and maintains www.urbanministry.org, www.safefamilies.org, www.techmission.org, www.christianvolunteering.org and www.christianfreeware.org. For more information, visit www.urbanministry.org or contact Andrew Sears at (617) 282-9798x101.