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Innovo Publishing LLC Releases Little Monster by Jeremy Suarez
Summary / Description: Innovo Publishing LLC is excited to release Little Monster, a beautifully illustrated children's book about one young boy's quest to be better. Makarios can see that he is selfish, he does not want to share with his friends, and he always wants the attention on himself. He wants his reflection in the mirror to be someone other than the monster he sees. Little Monster is available now in hardback, paperback, and eBook editions in the US and internationally.

Innovo Publishing LLC
June 21, 2024

MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 21, 2024 /Christian Newswire/ -- Innovo Publishing LLC is excited to release a new children's title, Little Monster, written by Jeremy Suarez and illustrated by Abby Guthrie. This wonderfully colorful and illustrative book presents the oft-experienced struggle of a young boy in his search for goodness and meaning in life. In his journey, he looks to others as models of how he wants to be—acting like them, dressing like them, and even obeying his parents more. But nothing he did changed how he felt. He needed to search deeper into what his parents did that made them so different.
This tale depicts the path to redemption from the perspective of a young, frustrated boy. Through many trials and failures Makarios learns from his parents that the only way to truly change is by admitting he is a sinner, understanding that Jesus died for him, and asking for forgiveness. He realizes that his unrest was brought about by living in opposition to how he was created, and through Christ, he can rid himself of the monster in the mirror. Readers of all ages will be challenged and strengthened by the innocence and power in this story of salvation—the only path to true change and joy.

"This story is profoundly relatable in its depiction of a young child's quest for change. In his recognition of the monster in the mirror, Makarios is what every individual needs to be prior to submission to Christ—desirous of true, heart change. Little Monster is a wonderful resource to use as you walk your child (or friend) through their need for salvation and guide them through each step toward humility, repentance, and regeneration in Christ." —Dr. Bart Dahmer, Founder and CEO, Innovo Publishing LLC

Little Monster is available now in the US and internationally in hardback (ISBN: 979-8-88928-005-7), paperback (ISBN: 979-8-88928-007-1), and eBook (ISBN: 979-8-88928-009-5) editions.

About the Author:
Jeremy Suarez is a Texas native. He was born and raised there for 19 years and joined the United States Navy. After an honorable discharge, Jeremy pursued a bachelor's degree in computational science at University of South Carolina Beaufort. He now works in the banking industry as a software developer. Jeremy volunteers as a preschool teacher at his local church, and he enjoys telling children about the gospel and its implications for life. Jeremy is looking forward to his marriage with his beautiful fiancée, Mila, this year.
About Innovo Publishing LLC:
Innovo Publishing is a Christian publisher located in Collierville, TN. Since 2008, Innovo has published quality books, eBooks, audiobooks, music, film, and courses that support the Great Commission, equip believers, and help create a positive Christian worldview. Innovo's full-service capabilities and global reach provide Christian authors, artists, and ministries access to the world for Christ.

Contact Information:
Contact: Dr. Bart Dahmer
Innovo Publishing LLC
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