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Fascist Rule in Jackson

Contact: Pat McEwen, 321-431-3962, www.operationsaveamerica.org

JACKSON, Ms, July 16 /Christian Newswire/ -- Jesus went back to church today in Jackson, Mississippi as peaceful saints gathered outside of the “Unitarian Universalist Church” and “St. James Episcopal Church.”

The Gospel of Christ will not be tolerated by those who hate him, and that was evidenced as a group of masked anarchists threatened to murder those who bear His name. At the Universalist Church a crowd or anarchists, with faces covered with scarves and six feet of pvc pipe in their hands, attacked and threatened to kill the occupant of one car. They ultimately destroyed the car before fleeing the scene like cowards. One of Jackson’s police officers on the scene stated that they could do nothing because the rioters would not identify themselves when asked. The police refused to control the situation and would not even take a report until the saints volunteered to handle the situation through our lawyers. Christians requested a supervisor be called but none came.

"The city of Jackson has made it perfectly clear what side they have chosen and it is not the side of the Lord Jesus. The city of Jackson is under a declared state of emergency but not for the reason they believe. Bloodshed follows bloodshed and God has declared His own state of emergency. If you sow bloodshed in the womb you will reap bloodshed in the streets. There is but one King and His Name is Jesus and every knee will bow before Him!"  Rev Flip Benham, National Director, Operation Save America

For more info or to schedule interviews with Rev. Benham – 321-431-3962