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A New Book Entitled, 'How to Save Christianity: The True Story of a 21st Century Prodigal Son' Will be Free, August 21-23
The Oaklea Press
Aug. 21, 2020

RICHMOND, Va., Aug. 21, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- A book by bestselling author Stephen Hawley Martin, just released by The Oaklea Press Inc., tells the true story of a young man who was raised a Christian, as a teenager wanted to follow in the footsteps of his evangelical Christian pastor father, but as a newly minted college graduate, left the Church.

Martin said, "A few years after he decided Christianity was not for him, his personal life fell apart, and he became suicidal. When he hit bottom, he had a epiphany—a spiritual awakening that caused him to view statements Jesus had made about the kingdom of God in a totally new light. He soon realized that no one he knew—not his father, not his Sunday school teachers, no one—had understood what Jesus had been trying to communicate."

Martin went on to say the young man's new understanding of Jesus' message turned his life around, and he came to believe that if Church leaders were to embrace and begin to communicate the truth that he now understood, Christianity would almost certainly undergo a renaissance.

"It was truly an amazing revelation," Martin said. "That's why I decided I had to tell his story. I hope Christians will read it with open minds and decide for themselves if they agree."

Use this link on August 21-23 to download a free copy of the Kindle edition:


"How to Save Christianity: The True Story of a 21st Century Prodigal Son" is published by The Oaklea Press Inc. in Kindle for $5.19 and in trade paperback for $11.99. The Oaklea Press (www.oakleapress.com) was founded in 1995 and publishes primarily business management, inspirational, and self-help titles.

SOURCE The Oaklea Press

CONTACT: Steve Martin, 804-218-2394, steve@hawleymartin.com