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Christian Apologist Aims to Help Insulate Churches from Unbelief with Bulletin Insert Series

Contact: Anthony Horvath, 608-385-2629


LA CROSSE, Wisc., Oct. 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian Apologist Anthony Horvath continues his effort to educate the Christian church in the facts of the faith with a new church bulletin insert series with an apologetics emphasis.


In many quarters, it seems as though Christianity is on the run, but apologist Anthony Horvath insists that many Christians have been retreating unnecessarily. His new apologetics bulletin insert series equips Christians where and when they most often congregate: Sunday morning service.


The series follows the Scripture readings of the church year for the Advent season of 2007. The inserts provide background information that will help people better recognize the significance of that week's lessons.


Included in the inserts are relevant writings from the Church fathers like Augustine, insights from the Greek and Hebrew, archeological findings, as well as brief commentaries on that week's texts. The content is selected so that it will appeal across the denominations, reflecting a "mere Christianity."


Horvath explains, "These are just bulletin inserts. They can't replace a thorough program to educate Christians about the facts of their faith. Over time, though, they can help show Christians that there is a wealth of knowledge, argumentation, and scholarship supporting the core doctrines they hold dear."


As an example, he offers, "Some have argued that the idea that Jesus was God is a fourth century invention, but one of our bulletins quotes Irenaeus, writing about 150 AD, as saying in no uncertain terms that Jesus was God. How many Christians have even heard of Irenaeus? One reason why 'The Da Vinci Code' was popular was because of the buzz that 'there was something to it.' There wasn't something to it. If more Christians knew their own history Dan Brown would be a flop."


The inserts are very affordable and are available by download. Churches then print out the files and make enough copies for their Sunday morning church services. A sample is available here.


Horvath says that many people misunderstand what apologetics is all about. "Apologetics is defending the faith, but much of the time that can simply mean being aware of what you believe and why you believe it."


Horvath argues that the church itself is creating some of its own problems. "I talk to many former Christians who believe that Sunday School taught them all there is to know about Christianity. These are the same people who don't know how many Gospels there are or even that the first Christians were Jews. Look, Richard Dawkins thinks that the Christian God is like Zeus. Clearly we haven't been informing people even on the basics. My bulletin series is an attempt to provide resources to congregations that want to step up to the challenges our churches face today."


Anthony is available for interviews and presentations. He has been featured on ChristianPost.com and has been on radio networks such as Moody Broadcasting. He is the author of the novel, "Fidelis" and helped launch an apologetics t-shirt line. His home page is www.sntjohnny.com.