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Anti-contraception Group Calls FDA's Plan B Decision Irresponsible

Contact: Ruben Obregon, President, No Room for Contraception, 202-470-6854,  info@nrfc.net


NEW YORK, Aug. 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- The No Room for Contraception campaign issued the following statement regarding today’s Plan B decision by the FDA.


Ruben Obregon, President of the campaign, said “This scheme is irresponsible at best – as it is, untold numbers of minors buy cigarettes and alcohol using fake or borrowed identification. Now they will do the same with Plan B emergency contraception, putting their health at risk. In addition, this pill can easily be obtained by adult friends and siblings and given to minors without knowledge or consent of their parents.”


“Over the counter access to emergency contraception will make minors more vulnerable to sexual abuse. Easy access to Plan B will allow sexual predators to cover up their crimes by making a simple trip to the pharmacy.”


“Plan B is also thought to be capable of preventing implantation, which means that it is capable of interfering with an existing pregnancy despite denials that it can’t. The long held medical view of pregnancy, contrary to the claims of Plan B advocates, is that pregnancy begins at fertilization (or just after), and not implantation. A fertilized egg is, in fact, an existing pregnancy.”


“Make no mistake about it – this drug has the potential to cause abortions and interfere with existing pregnancies. Contrary to the claims of Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc, the National Institutes of Health, and the FDA, pregnancy begins prior to implantation.”


“Medical dictionaries attest to the fact that pregnancy begins before implantation.” Obregon continued, “For example, the 28th edition of Stedman’s and the 7th edition of Mosby’s Medical Dictionaries do not support the claim that implantation is the start of pregnancy. Rather, these highly respected medical dictionaries define pregnancy as beginning before implantation – either at fertilization or just after fertilization -- which occurs several days before implantation.”


The campaign has a dedicated a section of its website to addressing the myth that Plan B does not cause abortions or interfere with existing pregnancies. This informative section can be found at: http://www.NoRoomforContraception.com/pregnancy


No Room for Contraception is a campaign to expose the potential problems of contraception on marriage, society and women's health. The campaign's website is located at www.NoRoomforContraception.com