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Tele-Group Will Coach Wives on Responding to a Husband's Struggle with Homosexuality or Sex Addiction: 'This Marriage Can Be Saved!'

Contact: Rich Wyler, Higher Path Life Coaching, 434-985-8551


MEDIA ADVISORY, April 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- When husbands "come out of the closet" and reveal to their wives that they have been secretly struggling with homosexuality or sex addiction, is the marriage over?


Not necessarily. It will be permanently changed, that is true – but sometimes for the better, for both partners, according to Rich Wyler of Higher Path Life Coaching.


Beginning May 16, Wyler will co-lead a 10-week personal coaching tele-group for wives, called "A Wife's Journey: Caring for Yourself and Your Family When Your Husband Struggles With Homosexuality or Addiction."


The group will bring women together by phone from across North America to support each other and to learn from Wyler and a female group co-leader how their marriages not only survived but ultimately thrived after the husbands' devastating disclosures.


A second 10-week telephone-based coaching group, called "Becoming Sexually Sober," begins May 14 for men working to break addictions to pornography or other self-destructive sexual behaviors.


"These marriages typically are deeply closeted, with both partners feeling very alone," Wyler said. "Conventional wisdom in today's society says the couple needs to divorce and go their separate ways so the husband can live a gay life. But very often, that is not what either partner really wants, nor what is in their best interest.


"The fact is, many of these marriages can be saved," Wyler said. "Husbands can get their emotional yearning for male community met in non-sexual ways that leave them more fulfilled and more committed to their wives and children. Emotional intimacy and trust within the marriage can increase. Wives can grow personally and find peace."


The cost for the 10-week group coaching program is $225. To register, visit www.higherpathcoaching.com/groups.htm, email rich@higherpathcoaching.com or call 1-434-985-8551.


Higher Path Life Coaching is a new telephone-based personal life coaching practice that focuses on supporting men who seek to overcome unwanted homosexual attractions and addictions, and also supports wives of men dealing with these issues. Its founder and principal, Rich Wyler, is also the founder and executive director of People Can Change (www.peoplecanchange.com), a non-profit organization that runs the "Journey Into Manhood" experiential-healing weekend for men who are seeking to overcome homosexual attractions. "Journey Into Manhood" has had a life-changing impact on hundreds of men from more than a dozen countries since Wyler started it in 2002.