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Gas Prices and the Imminent Terrorist Attacks on America

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MEDIA ADVISORY, May 1 /Christian Newswire/ -- Terrorists are determined to hit America again. But the next time may be a hit in the pocketbook. An attack against the fragile oil lifeline that extends tens of thousands of miles from the U.S. to the Persian Gulf. Terrorists know that any serious disruption of world supply will send the U.S. economy into full cardiac arrest.


USA Today reported on April 29th, 2007 that Saudi Arabia foiled a terrorist plot to hit the significant petroleum facilities. Just the news of that sent oil prices to the highest price in 33 weeks.


The oil card continues to be terrorist's trump card against the West. Oil and terror are drawing the entire world to the Middle East, making it the center of world attention just as the Bible predicts for the end times. This is a major signpost that we are well down the road to Armageddon. These troubling events confirm the forecasts made by Dr. John F. Walvoord, widely recognized as the father of modern biblical prophecy.


Available for interview is bible prophecy expert, Mark Hitchcock co-author to the over 2 million copy sold New York Times best seller Armageddon, Oil & Terror. Mark holds a PhD from Dallas Theological Seminary and currently serves as senior pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmonds, Oklahoma. Mark has appeared on several programs over the years including MSNBC, FOX and CNN Headline News.


Acclaimed author Tim LaHaye of the Left Behind series states, "No one explains end time events better than co-author Dr. John F. Walvoord." "Armageddon, Oil & Terror describes how and why our world is about to drastically change." "This astonishing work of nonfiction makes Bible prophecy come alive."


Never before in history has there been such a chain of major events signaling the approach of Armageddon.


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