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Viguerie's PAC Launches Ads to Catholic Voters About Hillary's Anti-Catholic/Christian Bias

Contact: Richard Viguerie, 703-392-7676

MANASSAS, Va., Nov. 4, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Richard Viguerie's FedUp PAC today launched the final phase of the PAC's outreach to millions of Catholic voters about the threat Hillary Clinton presents to the free exercise of traditional Catholic religious practice and beliefs.

"There are approximately 16 million Catholic voters in 14 battleground 'swing states' who will determine the outcome of this election," said Viguerie. "Because the media failed to report about it, most Catholics probably don't know that a President Hillary Clinton would use government power to pressure people to change and/or violate their most personal rights of conscience and beliefs—and would penalize those who fail to bend to her anti-Catholic agenda."

"This last-minute push by FedUp PAC is designed to bypass the biased media by sending millions of informative, online get-out-the-vote advertisements, emails, and postcards to Catholic voters in 14 battleground states," said Viguerie.

The PAC's effort gives Catholics specific examples of Hillary's anti-Catholic positions and actual statements:

  • Pro-Life Americans Must Change Their Religious Beliefs – Hillary Clinton's address to sixth annual Women in The World Summit, March 23, 2015
  • Americans Can't Be Trusted to Make Their Own Healthcare Decisions – "The Seduction of Hillary Rodham" by David Brock, pp. 333-334
  • Repeal Hyde Amendment and Force Catholics to Pay for Abortions
  • Force Little Sisters of the Poor to Pay for Birth Control
  • Shame Americans with Concerns About Radical Muslims – Sec. Clinton's address to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), July 15, 2011

Advances in targeting and ideological direct marketing pioneered by Viguerie provide FedUp PAC with a proven platform to bypass the establishment media to reach Catholic voters in their homes with information they aren't receiving through traditional media channels.

Unlike the shotgun approach of television ads, FedUp PAC is targeting millions of these Catholic voters in 14 battleground states using direct marketing and online media in the campaign season's final days. Viewers of FedUp PAC ads are encouraged to forward them to fellow Catholic family, friends, church members, co-workers, and others—significantly magnifying their effect.

FedUp PAC is an independent expenditure political action committee formed to help conservative candidates and causes. For more information, visit www.fedup.org.

FedUp PAC Chairman RICHARD A. VIGUERIE, is often called the "Funding Father of the conservative movement," transformed American politics in the 1960s and '70s by pioneering the use of direct mail as a means for conservatives to bypass the mainstream media. He serves as the chairman of American Target Advertising a 75-person direct marketing firm and of www.ConservativeHQ.com. The author of a number of books on politics and the conservative movement, Viguerie's latest book is "TAKEOVER: the 100-year War for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win It."

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