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Ad Exposes Shocking Academic Frauds

Full-Page Ad Exposes Shocking Academic Frauds That Victimize Students’ Minds, Health

Contact: Dr. Dennis Jarrard, 805-252-3000

SANTA BARBARA, June 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- In a full-page ad in the July 3-9, 2006, national edition of the Washington Times, Dr. Dennis Jarrard accuses “far-left ideologues” on American campuses of practicing “scholastic Stalinism.”

“Thousands of U.S. universities, colleges and professors should be sued for malpractice, because they’re knowingly teaching millions of young people outright scientific falsehoods,” states the California educator and father. “Worse yet, they’re exporting these academic frauds worldwide, thus deceiving and damaging young people, families and nations, from Russia to Rwanda.” The ad cites examples such as these:

--- Professors routinely hide crucial scientific discoveries about the universe from students because they “would tend to validate Christianity, and therefore the Ten Commandments”

--- American students have never heard of “the brilliant Catholic priest, mathematician and physicist who explained the universe to Einstein”

--- Professors cover up the work of scholars who have shown that it is mathematically absurd to say life developed by chance

--- The whole field of “sexology” and “sex education” was built not only on a massive academic fraud by famed sex “researcher” Prof. Alfred Kinsey, but on “data” he got from active pedophiles whom he oversaw

--- “Kinsey-based sex ‘science’ now guides most of the [U.S.] Supreme Court”

--- Academics ignore Dr. Judith Reisman’s shocking revelations about Kinsey’s “bogus, criminal sex ‘research’”

--- Since “U.S. campuses started evicting Christian morals,” millions of young people have suffered the physical and mental effects of premarital sex, VD and abortion

--- “Most of America’s sexual pathologies, plus abortion, and homosexual ‘marriage,’ come from university-trained ‘sexologists’”

--- “Strong contingents in the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association want to see adult-child sex legalized,” thanks to “the Big Lies that many professors have taught”

The ad goes on to reveal how left-wing academic elites “keep pseudo-science in power” on American campuses, plus nine ways that lawmakers and the public can de-fund and halt academic fraud. “Parents, educators and officials in the U.S. and other countries must take action to protect young people’s minds, souls and health from academic charlatans,” Dr. Jarrard advises.

Dr. Jarrard is sponsoring the ad for Dr. Judith Reisman’s Institute for Media Education, which offers a free copy of “The Kinsey Cover-up,” a quarter-hour TV documentary (on DVD) that “unmasks Kinsey’s crimes and his incredible influence,” to anyone who makes a tax-deductible contribution of $30 or more to the Institute’s work of combating left-wing academic fraud.

Dr. Jarrard has taught in the University of California and California State College and University systems. He served on the County of Los Angeles Commission on Obscenity and Pornography and on the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Commission on Obscenity and Pornography.

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