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Triggers in Amnesty Bill Called 'Bogus and Offensive to American Citizens' New Plan Automatically Grants Illegal Aliens Legal Status Before Triggers are Even Considered

Contact: Ron De Jong, Communications Director, Grassfire, 757-487-7900, ron@grassfire.org               

MAXWELL, Iowa, May 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- Grassfire.org President Steve Elliott released the following statement regarding the new Bush-Senate amnesty plan:


"The Bush-Senate Z-Amnesty plan is 100-percent amnesty. It immediately offers legal status to every illegal alien in this country, which by definition is amnesty. It creates a clear path to citizenship and illegals do not even have to "touch back" to their home countries to stay in the U.S. indefinitely.


"In addition, the so-called 'triggers' are bogus and offensive to American citizens. In fact, illegals are granted legal status before triggers are even considered. We know that once the 'camel's nose is in the tent,' there will be no stopping this process, no matter what 'triggers' are included in this bill.


"I am personally outraged and we are already hearing from grassroots Americans who feel betrayed by the President and the Senate. Our team members have already delivered over 792,000 faxes and petitions to Congress opposing amnesty and I anticipate even more outrage in the next few days."


Grassfire.org summary of Bush-Senate amnesty bill:


  1. Creates almost immediate legal status for 12-20 million illegals.

  2. Provides clear three-step path to citizenship for 12-20 million illegals.

  3. Allows current illegals to stay legally in our country indefinitely.

  4. Does not require a "touch back" to obtain Z-visa (only for Green Card app).

  5. Gives illegals healthcare/education benefits and back credit for Social Security wages.

  6. Creates new Temporary Worker "Y-Visa" program with unlimited totals.

  7. Legal status granted to illegals BEFORE TRIGGERS so triggers are meaningless.


Grassfire is conducting a major fax/phone/petition campaign opposing the amnesty plan. For more information about Grassfire.org, or to schedule an interview with Grassfire President Steve Elliott, contact Ron De Jong at 757-487-7900 or email ron@grassfire.org