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Millions Reclaim the USA for God on July 4th and All Month
Contact: Rev. Steven Andrew, USA Christian Ministries, 877 537-8734
SAN JOSE, Calif., July 3, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Across the nation, Americans are rededicating the USA to God on July 4th. The massive rededication started on June 26th with the Supreme Court's decision against traditional marriage. "We are seeing a revival as people want to do God's will and turn away from homosexual and other sins," said Rev. Steven Andrew, president of USA Christian Ministries and author of "God's Plan for the USA."
"Millions have declared 'Jesus Christ is Lord of the USA,' cried out to God, or agreed with the Supreme Judge that marriage is one man and one woman since the Supreme Court decision. Loving God is the heart of the USA. Americans still want God to bless the USA," the pastor said.
"Independence Day is about Christian religious liberty to worship the LORD as a nation, as the Declaration of Independence declares. Our Christian founders insisted to worship the LORD not man," the pastor said. In "God's Plan for the USA," the pastor explains how acts like rededicating the USA to God end Christian persecution, bring back jobs, protect our nation and ensure we live freely with our God-given rights.
The rededication of the USA to God prayer is:
You, LORD, are the God of the USA and Americans are Your people. We seek You and obey the Holy Bible with all our heart and all our soul. Jesus is our King and we do all we can to make disciples of Americans. Our nation turns away from everything against Jesus Christ. We work and pray for a Christian government to immediately replace those disobeying You. We agree with You that the USA is to have marriage as one man and one woman only, and that unborn babies should not be killed. We thank You for the cross and by Jesus' blood the USA receives forgiveness for our sins.
In Jesus' name. Amen.
A free print is available to download and keep in homes and churches. Internet graphics are being shared.
The prayer is based on Psalm 33:12, Matthew 7:7, Luke 6:47-49, Isaiah 33:22, Philippians 2:11, Matthew 28:19-20, Isaiah 59:21; 2 Timothy 3:5; Romans 1:24-32, 2 Peter 2:6, 1 John 1:7 and other Bible verses.
"Asking God to forgive our sins by Jesus Christ means the USA can be forgiven. Jesus Christ is the hope for America this Fourth of July, just as He was in 1776," said the pastor.