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'Sweep Week' Documentary on ION Network Examines Heroes and Miracles that Have Moved the World to Tears

Contact: Ann Strauss, Grizzly Adams Productions, 970-663-3820, petie87@aol.com

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., May 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- Who is a hero? What is a miracle? Many think that heroes only exist in comic books, and miracles are the stuff of legend. To those who were there, the tragedy of September, 11, 2001 brought out more real-life heroes and created more modern miracles than perhaps any day in recorded history.

Premiering on the ION Network on June 2 at 6PM EST/PST, 5PM CST/MST, Heroes Among Us, Miracles Around Us is a new TV special from Grizzly Adams® Productions that shares true inspirational stories that will bring viewers to tears of joy and confirm their faith in mankind. This docudrama examines one of the darkest days in history--the 9/11 terrorist attack! It recounts amazing tales of survival that defy all conventional explanations, along with stories of heroism that have inspired people around the world.

“After seeing the dramatic survival encounters in this documentary, you’ll never again doubt the capacity of the human soul to thrive in adversity,” notes John Todd, Executive Producer of the TV special. “Your outlook will never be the same again after seeing how miracles unfold through heroes and survivors.”

The search for modern-day heroes and miracles in the horror and chaos of September 11, 2001 reveals the true-life experiences of those who were there, and who, by any reasonable expectations, should have perished.

“Imagine! Not just one great story, but several, emerging all together from the rubble of the World Trade Center attack,” observes Chuck Sellier, Grizzly Adams’ Supervising Producer.

The documentary is based in part on the books Plucked from the Fire by Stanley Praimnath (Rosedog Books) and, The Greatest Firefighter Stories Never Told by Mike Santangelo (Andrews McMeel Publishing). “Both these books focus on two of the most compelling, awe-inspiring stories of survival that emerged from the rubble of the September 11 attacks,” says David Balsiger, Senior Producer for Grizzly Adams.

“I challenge anyone to remain unmoved by these new stories of heroic sacrifice, divine intervention, heart-warming humanity and survival—as you walk with the heroes on that fateful day and relive the survivors’ stories,” says Balsiger.

The TV special is also being released as a DVD in time for the 6th anniversary of 9/11. Bonus DVD features include: Do Miracles Still Happen? Amazing stories that make the case for modern-day miracles; Rising from the Ashes - Part I, A Memorial to the Heroes at Ground Zero; and Rising from the Ashes - Part 2, A Fitting Tribute to the 9/11 Heroes at the Pentagon.

Grizzly Adams Productions, named after its long-running NBC Network TV series The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, produces network “Sweeps” TV Specials and series for the ION Network and major cable channels. During the past 30 years, Grizzly Adams Productions has created more than 500 family friendly TV specials and series.

Contact Ann Strauss (970) 663-3820. Review copy for Working Press.