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The Legacy Imperative Premieres Video Series: Conversations with Boomer & Z - Bridging the Generational Divide
The Legacy Imperative
Aug. 27, 2020

NAPLES, Fla., Aug. 27, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Legacy Imperative, a next-generation ministry dedicated to educating grandparents to effectively disciple their children and grandchildren, announced the premiere of its video series, Boomer & Z - Bridging the Generational Divide.

The series features Dr. Robert Petterson, organization founder, pastor and best-selling author, who represents the Baby Boomer generation (1946-1964), in conversations with Jacob Hunter, a university student, who speaks for Generation Z, those born after 1996. The Boomer & Z series shows how the generations can listen, speak and understand each other, in order to bridge the generational divide that prevails today.

"Okay Boomer," the New "Whatever." How to Listen When It's Uncomfortable. Wearing Masks - Another Divide. How to Disagree Agreeably.

Boomer & Z episodes model how to listen when we disagree with someone — not just to formulate our response — but to understand each other. They exemplify how to have those difficult conversations; how to build trust and understanding with various generations of friends and loved ones — despite our differences. And they do it all in an entertaining way.

The conversations in the series are two-sided, in contrast to the "Okay Boomer. I'm not listening to you" response that teens and younger people often use today to shut down their elders. As Hunter explains, "When we have differing viewpoints, we feel vulnerable and fearful, and are hesitant to talk." Dr. Petterson agrees and adds, "We're also fearful in conversations with our kids; afraid that if we go down a radical or divergent path, we'll sever ties with them."

Dr. Petterson concludes: "If we are to effectively disciple the upcoming generations, we must learn to listen and understand each other, and have the difficult conversations that this entails." He concludes, "Without talking to each other, we have a bleak future ahead."

Learn to Listen and Understand with "Boomer & Z."
Visit www.LegacyImperative.org and its YouTube channel to learn how to "Bridge the Generational Divide" in intergenerational communications. View current episodes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKypnLXc0cJvTU1c2vYAzt5wt7Gyy7lZW

The Legacy Imperative equips parents and grandparents to effectively disciple their children and grandchildren via on-site and virtual workshops held in churches across America, small groups, intergenerational tours, multi-media and virtual resources.

SOURCE  The Legacy Imperative

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