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Americans For Truth Calls on Mitt Romney to Apologize for Attacking Pro-Family Hero Brian Camenker

Contact: Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth, 630-717631


NAPERVILLE, Ill., Jan. 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera expressed dismay at former Republican Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's public attack against Brian Camenker, the head of Mass Resistance and "an American hero in the fight against the radical homosexual agenda."


In a web posting by Romney's presidential exploratory committee, ominously entitled, "Meet the Real Brian Camenker," Romney uses liberal media stories to portray Camenker as an extremist troublemaker. Camenker is widely respected among pro-family advocates nationwide for his untiring efforts to expose pro-homosexual indoctrination of public school students. Romney is desperately trying to discredit Camenker's publication of the "Mitt Romney Deception," detailing the Republican politician's past liberal record.


Forty-four conservative and pro-family leaders including LaBarbera have signed on to a letter challenging Romney's claim that as governor he did all he could to defend against "gay marriage" in Massachusetts.


Romney's release even uses a clip from Comedy Central's pro-homosexual "Daily Show," notorious for its attempts to make social conservatives look like rubes and wackos, in a crude attempt to disparage Camenker. (The Daily Show tricked Camenker in one of its "ambush interviews," to mock him and opponents of "gay marriage.")


"Brian Camenker is a bona fide American pro-family hero," LaBarbera said. "Brian, who is Jewish, has refused to sell out his religious beliefs like so many around him in Boston. Now comes along a politician — who once boasted that he was better than Ted Kennedy on 'gay' issues — to trash him as an extremist gadfly. This is establishment Republican attack-politics at its very worst.


"Romney's use of a deceptive Daily Show set-up interview to smear a pro-family warrior like Brian says much more about Romney than it does about Camenker," LaBarbera said.


"Few people have demonstrated the courage that Brian has in fighting the self-styled 'queer' movement," he said. "Twice he has been sued by homosexual legal activists in Boston over the 2000 'Fistgate' scandal, in which Massachusetts homosexual education activists gave underage students 'how-to' lessons about a depraved and dangerous gay sex act called 'fisting,' he said. "Like Joe Scheidler on the pro-life issue, Brian is tenacious and has the integrity not to bow to any man (or party) but to stand up against the homosexual lobby even when he and his family could suffer immensely for doing so.


"It's not Camenker who is extreme but Romney's (former) 'gay' Log Cabin Republican friends, who wouldn't even endorse President Bush for re-election in 2004 because he favors a Marriage Protection Amendment," LaBarbera said.


He urged Romney to retract the anti-Camenker web posting and apologize to the pro-family advocate, noting that Camenker has done nothing wrong in "reminding the American public that Romney has flip-flopped from being a very committed pro-abortion and pro-homosexual-activist politician."


Americans For Truth is dedicated to confronting the "gay" and "transgender" agendas. Phone: 630-717-7631.  E-mail: americansfortruth@comcast.net.