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'God the Final Frontier' - New Book Explains How Discoveries in Science Reveal the Nature of God a Child Can Understand

Contact: Susan DelRe, 815-547-0765

MEDIA ADVISORY, July 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- As the battle continues over intelligent design vs. evolution in classrooms, courtrooms and presidential debates a new book: God the Final Frontier; Positive Proof for His Existence and His Love (ISBN 0-9677520-2-7) provides solid answers to seekers and skeptics.

This book answers difficult questions such as: Are all religions equally valid? If God is there, why is He silent? If God is good, why is there evil? And, how can we know for sure who the real God is? The author's approach is unique because it reveals scientific discoveries such as ¾ how quantum physics provides positive proof for the doctrine of the Trinity (one of the most controversial doctrines in Christianity), and how Einstein's Theory of Relativity fit's the Genesis account of creation, in simple, easy to understand language.

Filled with illustrations, quotes, and fascinating facts from science, astronomy, mathematics, logic, and just plain common sense, this book is designed for those who want real answers without having to read a 300-400 page theologically, or scientifically technical book. It's all covered in 68 pages.

The author, a former cocaine cowboy turned prison chaplain, has impacted people from seminary professors to prison inmates with his lectures on the nature of God. Philip DelRe has endorsements from such notables as Charles Colson, Ray Comfort, and Dr. Robert Coleman.

God the Final Frontier; Positive Proof For His Existence and His Love is available here.

Review copies are available for established publications and media personalities. Please email your requests for review copies to Jesus@safeplace.net