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Vision Forum Promotes Biblical Femininity Through Newly-Expanded Girls' Doll Line
Contact: Wesley Strackbein, Vision Forum, 210-340-5250 ext. 222, wesley@visionforum.com

SAN ANTONIO, Nov. 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- Vision Forum, Inc., a San Antonio-based Christian ministry, has announced the release of two new dolls -- Abigail and Fidelia -- as part of their Beautiful Girlhood Collection, a doll line which promotes biblical femininity to girls in contrast to the perverse vision of girlhood advanced by other leading doll providers.

“Amid a culture brimming with mixed messages, shallow and self-serving ideals, and depraved ‘role models,’ we seek to offer a refreshing and edifying alternative through our distinct line of dolls and accessories,” noted Doug Phillips, President of Vision Forum and founder of the Beautiful Girlhood Collection. “Toward this end, we are pleased to now offer Abigail and Fidelia as part of the Beautiful Girlhood Collection. Abigail means ‘A Father’s Joy,’ and Fidelia means ‘Faithful One’ -- two traits we hope girls will consider as they play with these beautiful 18 inch dolls.”

The Beautiful Girlhood Collection Dolls are manufactured by the Engel Doll Company, a premier European doll-maker which has made quality dolls since 1896. In addition to the primary dolls, which include Liberty and Evangeline, there are more than seven “dress-up” characters to choose from, including Priscilla Mullins, Sacagawea, Dolley Madison, and Maria von Trapp. Doll accessories include outfits and a line of historical books that explore the heroism of each real-life character.

“America’s leading doll providers have declared war on biblical femininity. Whether it’s Barbie’s sassy ‘B who U wanna B’ campaign, Bratz’ call for girls to ‘strut [their] stuff,’ or American Girl’s recent support of Girls, Inc. -- an organization that openly promotes abortion and lesbianism to young girls -- the elite doll lines have sullied the innocence of our daughters by glorifying perversity,” Phillips observed.

“Yet even as others frown on biblical femininity, minimize motherhood, and belittle the beauty of being a true woman of God, we dare to chart a different path through our doll line,” continued Phillips. “We dare to believe that the biblical vision for girlhood is a glorious vision. It is a vision so bright and so wonderful that it must be boldly proclaimed.”

To learn more about dolls and accessories that make up the Beautiful Girlhood Collection, visit www.visionforum.com/beautifulgirlhood/. To interview Doug Phillips about his vision for the Beautiful Girlhood Collection, contact Wesley Strackbein by e-mail at Wesley@visionforum.com or by phone at (210) 340-5250, ext. 222.