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Author of 'Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To' Anthony DeStefano, Now Available for Interviews

Readers saying "yes" to "Ten Prayers" bestseller

Contact: Jerry Horn, 540-220-0095, jghorn.pc@mac.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, July 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pastor Jack Hayford says it can "revolutionize your prayer life." 

Christian authors and Grammy nominated songwriters Jimmy and Carol Owens were so taken by it that they prepared an online Study Guide so that Bible study groups could devour it week by week.

Word of mouth about it spread so quickly that it hit Number 3 on Amazon.com's best-seller list shortly after its release.

Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To - has already had a profound impact on Christians and those searching for truth and meaning.  It's changing lives and its author, Anthony DeStefano, wants to spread the good word of what God can and will do for each and every person who calls upon Him.

Biblically based, scripturally referenced, and endorsed by both Catholic and Evangelical clergy, Ten Prayers is about talking to and building a relationship with God.  It's about prayers which, as DeStefano says, "God always says yes to... all the time." 

Each chapter of the book addresses a problem nearly everyone faces, from trying to make ends meet to coping with suffering to even accepting God's very existence.  It then offers a prayer that God will always answer positively and that will help the reader find, with repentance and commitment, life-changing answers to his most difficult challenges.

DeStafano's writing style, at once uplifting, cheerful and thought provoking, is a reflection of his personality and beliefs.  It's a style that made his first book, A Travel Guide to Heaven, a major publishing success and makes him an engaging conversationalist.

To schedule Anthony DeStefano for an interview, please contact Jerry Horn at jghorn.pc@mac.com or 540-220-0095.

For reviews, endorsements, and more on Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To, please visit www.tenprayers.com.

Praise for Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To

Anthony DeStefano has once again drawn his readers into the mystery of God's love and invited us to reflect more deeply on our relationship with Him.  In a simple yet profound way, Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To offers insights and indeed a practical wisdom that will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled with personal prayer.  I recommend this book to any and all who are searching for a fresh perspective on the meaning and value of a life of prayer, and ultimately, for amore fulsome encounter with the Living God.

 Cardinal Renato Martino
 President, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace
 Vatican City, Rome

Why are some of our prayers answered while some are not?  How do we get God’s attention?  How do we get the divine 'Yes'?  In a simple, straightforward style, Anthony DeStefano takes on the mysteries of prayer.  He casts a wide net to appeal to all Christians everywhere without compromising the gospel one iota.  The title alone: Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To, will attract even people who aren't believers but who cry out for help in the night.  For them, the first prayer: 'God show me that you exist' can be a life-changer.  But don't stop there.  Read it all.  It could revolutionize your prayer life.

 Pastor Jack Hayford
 President, International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
 Founding Pastor, The Church on the Way

Do we really need another book on prayer?  We certainly need this one!  Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To is remarkably different and refreshingly direct.  It takes the reader straight to the heart of the issue of answered prayer and leaves him or her there wanting more – of God, of course.  This book will go on my shelf beside the great classics on prayer.

 Dr. Dick Eastman
 President, Every Home for Christ
 President of America’s National Prayer Committee

Anthony DeStefano's warm, witty and deeply inspirational book proves once again that the greatest secret within us is the ability to find grace through the power of prayer.

 Dr. Jean-Pierre Isbouts
 Author of National Geographic's "The Biblical World"