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Conservatives Asked to Join USA.Life, the 'Conservative Facebook Alternative,' as TeamTrump and Kayleigh McEnany Are Censored by Facebook and Twitter for Sharing About Biden-Ukraine Story

Oct. 15, 2020

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 15, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- The CEO of USA.Life invites President Trump supporters to talk freely about the Biden-Ukraine story by joining the "Conservative Facebook alternative". Facebook and Twitter blocked or restricted access to the New York Post article about the Biden family’s business dealings in Ukraine. Conservative Silicon Valley tech visionary, Steven Andrew, is CEO and founder of USA.Life. People can sign up at www.USA.Life.

"Everyone has a right to know the truth about the Joe and Hunter Biden story; this timely election news article is freely shared on USA.Life," Andrew said.

"The nation needs an honest conversation without restrictions in the middle of such an important election, because we know Facebook admitted suppressing the story's distribution in a tweet by Andy Stone, a Facebook communications employee," Andrew said. "The TeamTrump official campaign account was locked by Twitter and the White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany's personal Twitter account and other conservatives were suspended or restricted."

"USA.Life has the leading Pro-America community; loving America makes USA.Life unique and positive," said Andrew.

"Our freedom, rights, national security, and country are at stake, that is why conservatives see the urgency to join USA.Life," Andrew said.

USA.Life is popular with President Trump supporters and hopes to have over one million users soon.

Members share photos, updates, videos, and messages, and join groups. Users from other countries join too.

"People find hope on USA.Life during the election," Andrew said. "USA.Life is a powerful way to meet conservatives, unite, and be encouraged."

Users give Like's and Love's as reactions on posts and the unique America Flag reaction for "Patriotic" is popular. Many other reactions for expressions are available.

USA.Life provides twice as many friends as Facebook does. On USA.Life users can have 10,000 Friends, which is double the 5,000 Facebook friends limit.

There are positive USA.Life reviews and comments, including:

"100% better page than Facebook!" said Bill Morrison.

"...so glad there's a viable alternative to Facebook," said Jeremy Cox.

"I just love being able to go around and slap flags on everything," said Bonnie Moore.

USA.Life keeps all user information private and does not sell user's information to marketers.

To join, go to www.USA.Life.

About USA.Life
USA.Life is the fast growing Conservative Facebook alternative. To connect with people, businesses, groups, and churches get a free account at www.USA.Life.


CONTACT: Steven Andrew, 877 585-7729

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