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The Prophetic Timeline, Islam's Destiny, and a Look Toward 2016
Where are we on the prophetic timeline?
Contact: Steve Magill, 724-564-9013
PITTSBURGH, Jan. 18, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Steve Magill, author of the book, "Revelation and the Age of Antichrist," is making his chart, "The Prophetic Timeline," available as a free download at www.AgeofAntichrist.com.
Magill is convinced that "We can know where we are on the prophetic timeline, and how close we are to the arrival of Antichrist and the return of Christ."
Magill observed that Christians know about the events of the last days: Antichrist, great tribulation, second coming, rapture, etc., but are often confused on how the events fall into place. This confusion is understandable since different orderings are in abundance.
But what if Scripture reveals a timeline that does not need to be reordered? Shouldn't that be the timeline used to determine the ordering of last day events? On "The Prophetic Timeline," Magill charts the timeline given in Scripture. This timeline is recorded in the books of Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation.
Daniel 2 reveals the empires rising up sequentially from the time of Israel's Babylonian captivity. Daniel 7 continues the timeline outlining the empires rising up in the last of the last days to lead the world to the rule of the Antichrist. Matthew 24 records three categories of events that increase, like birth pains, from the time of Christ until the return of Christ. The last sequence of events is found with the book of Revelation. The Revelation is the timeline of earth's last seven years and outlines the age of Antichrist.
It is the Devil who is the author of confusion. He fulfills his job description well with all the conflicting orderings. Following Scripture's clear timeline removes us from the confusion.
Where are we on "The Prophetic Timeline?"
We are in the time of the divided Roman Empire when Great Britain, the United States, and Russia have all risen in power together on the world stage. These empires have moved us into the age of Islam. Islam will continue to impact world events to move us toward a realignment of all nations into ten political/economic regions through terror, immigration, and the dominating of local and national politics to enforce Sharia law.
Islam's prophetic destiny is to assimilate Europe, the United States, and Russia to Islam. Once this is in place, the world will be ready to accept the ten region realignment of all nations. It is out of this new world order that the Antichrist will arrive to enforce his agenda to kill every Jew, Christian, and anyone opposing him, killing one fourth of the world's population.
As 2016 moves forward, "The Prophetic Timeline" indicates we can expect Islamic activism to be more intense and frequent. We can expect the turbo charging of Islamic initiatives to transfer American law to Sharia law-- unless there is a miracle intervention from God.
Jesus encouraged us to watch (be aware of prophetic events as they appear) and to pray (talk to God about what is happening). The big question is: "Are we truly praying to God?" He is alive. He is real. He can be known. Do we pray only to our own mind and feelings, or to the living, Creator God? It is no longer time to think or hope God hears us... we must know and experience His presence. "if we know that God hears us, we will then know that He will answer." (1 John 5:14-15).
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