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November Mideast Summit to Transfer Temple Mount to Jordanian Control

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TORONTO, Ontario, Oct. 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- Next month, November 2007, a US-sponsored Mideast summit aims to produce a joint declaration between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, has stated his willingness to consider turning over half of Jerusalem to the PA, a concession that has Jews as well as Christians around the world tremendously alarmed. There are also reports that a controversial and secret agreement has been reached that will transfer the Temple Mount to Jordanian custody.


What do all these developments mean in terms of biblical prophecy fulfillment? Dr. Grant Jeffrey provides much-needed perspective in his new book, "The New Temple and the Second Coming" (WaterBrook, October 2007). Dr. Jeffrey has spent more than four decades of detailed research into the history, archeology, and prophetic future of the Temple in Jerusalem. His intensive study has given him valuable insights into the Temples of God that have stood on the Temple Mount. He has personally explored the numerous tunnels, cisterns, and caverns beneath the Holy City, enabling him to understand some of the many mysteries of Jerusalem and the Temple's history.


"The New Temple and the Second Coming" documents why Dr. Jeffrey believes that we are witnessing the fulfillment of numerous prophecies regarding the rebuilding of the Temple in our generation. The book looks at not only the advancing plans and preparations to rebuild the Temple, but also at a number of closely related developments, such as the reconvening of the Sanhedrin Court, the training of Levite priests, the recovery of long-lost Temple treasures, the efforts to locate the Ark of the Covenant and return it to Jerusalem, and the discovery of ancient vessels and artifacts required for Temple sacrifice and worship.


Dr. Jeffrey says, "The building of the Third Temple will commence much sooner than most people expect. Prophecy indicates that the generation alive today will see the Temple of God once again standing in Jerusalem, and the King of Israel--the returning Messiah--ruling from the throne of David!"


Grant R. Jeffrey, Ph.D., is an internationally respected author, speaker, Bible researcher, and host of TBN's weekly program "Bible Prophecy Revealed, with Grant Jeffrey." An authority on prophecy and apologetics, Grant has authored more than twenty best-selling books, including "Creation," "War on Terror," and "The Next World War."


See GrantJeffrey.com for more about his ministry. Review copies of the book are available to media upon request.