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The Free Speech Apocalypse - Darren Doane Releases New Documentary
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MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 14, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Darren Doane, director of the ground-breaking documentary Collision with Christopher Hitchens, and box-office smash-hit, Unstoppable with Kirk Cameron, returns with his most bold, uncensored, and provocative film to date:


Called America's most hated preacher, Pastor and theologian Douglas Wilson of Christ Church (Moscow ID) was invited to Indiana University in 2012 to deliver a series of lectures on traditional marriage and family. Wilson was warned about possible protests and potential violence over his "dissenting" opinion but stood behind the lectern anyway. Wait until you see the hate and vitriol unleashed on him by the audience….

The Free Speech Apocalypse documents the intensity that ensued on April 13, 2012, when a group of Midwest college students decided that Wilson's traditional views are now to be considered "hate speech" and that hurling insults, profanity, and disrupting his attempt to rationally present his views was acceptable. "It's not the first time I've faced the tolerance buzzsaw," said Wilson.

The Free Speech Apocalypse exposes the strategies of the anti-God, anti-traditional, hyper-liberal elite and offers perspective on the cultural decay that has accelerated across the country over the three years since Wilson's visit to Indiana University.

Worst yet, The Free Speech Apocalypse demonstrates clearly the erosion of free speech and religious liberty in America. The right to hold your own opinions if they differ from leftist agendas is vanishing at an alarming rate, and it's time for ordinary Americans to wake up and speak out.

This documentary features (among others) Sweet Cakes owners Aaron and Melissa Klein, as well as presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson outlining the concerns they have that unelected judges are ruling against the common citizen's Constitutional right to free speech.

Simply disagreeing with liberal mindsets and presenting that disagreement logically and unemotionally is now considered hate speech. Diversity is only for those who agree with them. Tolerance is what they demand from anyone who doesn't promote their ideologies - yet they do not tolerate our conservative ideologies.

You'll find this IN-YOUR-FACE documentary not only intensely disturbing, but also intriguingly eye-opening. Opposing the liberal viewpoint is one step away from being illegal. In many cases, it already is.

Showtimes for theaters across America will allow a one-day-only event on NOVEMBER 5, 2015; the DVD release will rock worldwide audiences on Nov. 6 through www.FreeSpeechApocalypse.com.

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Darren and Wilson are both experienced and available for interviews in any and all outlets. Private pre-screener link available upon request.