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Ohio County and Metropolitan Right to Life Groups React to National Right to Life Action

Contact: Molly Smith, Cleveland Right to Life, 440-668-4049, director@clevelandrighttolife.org

CLEVELAND, Ohio, April 2, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Many will remember National Right to Life's puzzling action on July 17th 2013 when they dis-affiliated Cleveland Right to Life, even though the Cleveland group was not an affiliate.  CRTL's supposed crime was to recognize that over 80% of abortions are performed on unwed mothers and then to look for ways to protect children and mothers in the best possible way by reaffirming the important role of a mother and father in a child's life. 

Now National RTL has disaffiliated another stellar group, Georgia Right to Life, for being too prolife! GRTL is the only state in the nation where all statewide constitutional officers are solidly pro-life without exceptions. NRTL's Committee voted to boot this highly effective State group from its ranks as payback for not voting with its flawed strategy of compromise, compromise and then more compromise in order to get any pro-life legislation through at a Federal level.

"It has sadly become the norm for pro-abortion politicians to not even have to ask for 'exception' language to be included in prolife legislation -- our national 'pro-life leaders' appear to willingly offer whole 'classes' of innocent lives as a compromise on the altar of winning elections," said Jerry Cirino, Chairman of Cleveland Right to Life. "What this does is leave us with watered down legislation that continues to leave the vast majority of unborn children unprotected and fair game for the abortion industry," he continued. 

Standing with Georgia RTL was Ohio Right to Life, who voted against NRTL's highly questionable action. And now NRTL has endorsed a congressional candidate Dave Joyce over his primary opponent Matt Lynch who was ORTL's pick for this position.  ORTL's disagreement with the national strategy is being echoed around the state by RTL groups.  On a statewide conference call on Sunday, dozens of Ohio county and urban Right to Life leaders affirmed their support for Georgia Right to Life's "no exceptions" strategy to protect all human life.

Molly Smith, President of Cleveland Right to Life, expressed the frustration felt by many when she said "Do you ever see the pro-abortion crowd allow any compromise!  Do you ever hear NARAL and Planned Parenthood saying to our politicians 'okay we will concede that abortion is illegal for a child at 23 weeks if you will just leave all the other unborn children alone so we can abort them.'  Why are we making deals with the Devil?"  Several groups on the call also expressed unease at NRTL's deep ties with the GOP leadership, and echoed a growing concern among state groups that NRTL appears to be acting as an arm of this political party.

The question now being asked is should the word "National" be removed from the DC groups name and replaced with the more descriptive one of "Washington DC Right to Life."  This would allow a more representative relationship with state groups who could hire the DC group to lobby when and if necessary. "Federal senators and congressmen are first and foremost answerable to their constituents and not to a party or national lobby group," Said Smith. 

The state county/urban groups will be asking Georgia Right to Life to provide them with advice on how to adopt Georgia's winning strategies so as to protect all life, not just select "classes" of children in the womb. 

Cleveland Right to Life represent pro-life citizens from over 8 counties in the region, making it one of the largest pro-life organizations in the State of Ohio.